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Cloud Contact Center Predictive Dialing

Maximize your outbound dialing potential and increase connections with West Cloud Contact Pro.

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Next Generation Call Center Algorithm

Next Generation Outbound Dialing Campaigns

​Legacy dialing methods are a thing of the past. West Cloud Contact Pro uses artificial intelligence techniques that simulate and fine tune up to 50 times a second the best possible scenario for optimal outbound dialing, automatically adjusting your campaign parameters for the best productivity.

The net result is campaigns with higher levels of compliant talk time resulting in more sales, collections or appointments for your outbound operation.

Talk Time per Hour

Preview, Progressive and Predictive Dialing Modes

Preview Predictive Dialing

​Different call campaigns require different strategies. The advanced algorithm in our predictive dialer connects more calls and dramatically increases talk times, while giving you the flexibility to concurrently run preview and progressive campaigns.

You can even ease new agents into the campaign call flow by assigning predictive campaigns but in preview mode to familiarize them with call content before turning up call volumes.

Preview Call Center Dialing

Preview Dialing

Preview dialing is ideal for complex case management where an agent needs to understand the customer history to determine how to best handle the call. With a web-based screen pop, agents can review customer information before clicking to launch the call or optionally reject the call from being made.

Preview dialing typically boosts manual talk times from 12 minutes to 18 minutes and provides management information and reporting insight that is otherwise impossible to obtain.

Progressive Dialing

Progressive Call Center Dialing

​In progressive mode, customer details are presented to the agent at the same time the call is dialed. The agent still has time to review the record, but only for as long as it takes for the customer to answer the call. If the call is not answered by the customer, the system will move on to the next record. Progressive dialing increases talk time to 28-32 minutes per hour.

Predictive Call Center Dialing

Predictive Dialing

​Predictive dialing simultaneously delivers answered calls to agents with a screen pop of the customer’s information. Filtering out busy tones, voicemail and fax machines, you can achieve maximum productivity by ensuring agents receive only live calls with the information they need. West Cloud Contact Pro can also be configured to leave a message on the customer’s voicemail without agent involvement. Predictive dialer software is the most effective tool in the marketing arsenal for direct customer contact with talk times of 45-50 minutes per hour.

When Contact Center Compliance is on the Line, You Can Count on West

​We know that compliance to industry and national calling legislation is essential for any outbound contact center. We go to great lengths to ensure that our call systems are compliant to the relevant legislation throughout the lifetime of your contract, regardless of how often the rules may change. You can focus on your business while we provide platforms that are compliant out-of-the-box.

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