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Outbound Cloud Contact Center

Increase connect rates, talk times and overall success when reaching out to customers and prospects.

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Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialing

Connect more calls and dramatically increase your connect rates and talk times, while also running preview and progressive campaigns concurrently.

Mobile ScreeningMobile Screening

Our patented outbound dialing uses dynamic look ahead technology to weed out bad numbers, switched off phones, and customers who are roaming, all without making a single call.

Number Presentation

Mobile and Local Number Presentation and Agent CLI

Agents can have their own personal direct dial number, present a number that’s local to the people you are calling, or, if they are mobile phones, send a mobile number.

Robotic AgentRobotic Agent

Reduce the cost of low value calls with virtual agents that can offer your customers policy renewals, payment reminders, and take credit card payments using multilingual text-to-speech.

Integrated Voice

Integrated Voice/SMS Campaigns

Send personalized text messages to drive up conversion rates to otherwise unresponsive customers and see up to 30% response rates.

Reporting and DashboardsReporting Dashboards

Real-time contact center dashboards allow you to stay in control and make the right decisions for your business.

Balance Efficiency and Customer Relationships with Outbound Automation

Whether for sales and telemarketing, debt collection, proactive customer care, or surveying, West Cloud Contact Pro Outbound features make it easier and more successful than ever to reach customers and prospects. Thanks to our advanced predictive dialer algorithm, features like automated outbound dialing help you make more calls while increasing connect rates and talk times.

  • Easily import customer lists and data or mine your existing CRM data for sales and marketing opportunities and automate both the dialing and the follow-up actions
  • Create customized resources -- from simple call guides to sophisticated, adaptive scripts -- to help agents quickly and proactively provide customer care
  • Craft dynamic survey scripts and use data look-ups based on customer responses and automatically update your database with customer data
  • Integration with finance applications helps to create and prioritize contact lists

Increase Agent Productivity with Preview, Predictive, and Progressive Dialing Modes and Mobile Screening

West Cloud Contact Pro uses artificial intelligence techniques to manage dialer pacing in real-time. Set call abandon limits, wait-times between calls, and deliver maximum productive talk-time for each agent. More than a Predictive dialer, our outbound call center system additionally supports Preview and Progressive dialing.

You can benefit from Mobile Screening which checks with the mobile network before dialing to see whether the target mobile phone is on and if it is roaming. By only calling mobiles which are on, you save money on call costs and increase productive talk-times.  So whether you are managing a results-driven telesales team or a customer driven telemarketing operation, we can meet your needs.

Local, Mobile and Agent Number Presentation Increase Campaign Effectiveness

It’s no secret that many people screen out-of-area calls or toll-free numbers. With West Cloud Contact Pro you can choose to present a local number to each dialed customer, increasing the likelihood of an answer by up to 35%. Agents can even have dedicated caller IDs for a personal touch, and agents can give their personal number (with queuing and treatments) to contacts for better one-to-one relations.

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