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Local, Mobile & Agent Number Presentation

Personalize your outbound contact center campaigns to increase connect rates and call backs.

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Increase Call Connect Rates

See Your Customer Connect Rates Soar

The ubiquity of caller ID has resulted in call screening becoming the norm, and consumers have learned that out of area or toll-free numbers are often telemarketers or companies with whom they may not wish to speak.

Through flexible number presentation features, West Cloud Contact Pro can help you reach more customers, more often.

Customize Campaign and List Level Number Presentation

Call Center Number Presentation

As a carrier, we can send different outbound numbers on based on your goals and strategy. ​Present outbound calls by default at a campaign level using a single caller ID on all calls, or enhance your campaign with list specific caller ID presentation numbers – the choice is yours.

Presentation features enable returned calls to be routed to specific teams, improving the customer experience and giving you the ability to monitor callback rates. When combined, these features increase connect rates and list penetration rates while providing statistical insight that will be invaluable to your marketing team.

Local Number Presentation

Local Number Presentation

​Customers are up to 35% more likely to answer a call from their local area code than a call from an 800 or out of area location. As a registered carrier, we can substitute a local outbound number to be displayed on a call-by-call basis.

With Local Number Presentation, a New York customer will see a New York Area code, and a San Francisco customer will see a San Francisco area code. If your customer returns a missed call, the call will only be charged at the local rate. This provides a more localized service approach and is available in the US, Canada and all major European deployments.

Mobile Number Presentation

Mobile Number Presentation

​Using Mobile Number Presentation, send a mobile number when dialing a cell phone to increase answer rates and reduce the cost for customer callbacks.

West Cloud Contact Pro dynamically substitutes the outbound number to be a mobile number when calling a mobile phone and the technology typically boosts connection rates to mobile phones by up to 40%. This option is currently available in European deployments.

Agent Caller ID

Agent Caller ID

​It would be fantastic if every call delivered the desired outcome on the first attempt. In the real world, most calls require follow up attempts in order to achieve the goal of making a sale or collecting a debt.

With customized agent caller IDs, agents can create a personal relationship with customers by allowing each agent to be allocated and give out a personal direct dial number to prospects or customers. Return calls are routed and queued directly to the agent, with full reporting details captured within the system.

Finding the Right Mix for Your Outbound Calling Campaigns

​Number presentation is amazingly flexible but finding the right mix for your business and establishing call flows can seem daunting. Your dedicated Success Manager will guide you every step of the way to help you design the most effective number presentation strategy to help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

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