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Cloud Contact Center Robotic Agent

Proactively reach out to customers with automated multimedia notifications.

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Custom Outbound Notifications

Make Better Use of Agent Time with Customizable Outbound Notifications

West Cloud Contact Pro can augment your team with “virtual agents” to handle calls where physical agents are not required. Interacting with your customers automatically using dynamic, multilingual text to speech technology, robotic agents can deliver appointment or payment reminders, offer customers policy or subscription renewals, and even take credit card payments. This helps to fulfill low value, high volume transactions without consuming valuable agent time.

Your campaigns can also include email and text notifications for flexible client outreach. Using our drag and drop campaign builder, you can begin to proactively reach out to customers quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost.

Call Center Virtual Agents

Connect to Customer Service with a Single Keypress

​At any stage during a recorded outbound notification, you can offer customers the option to be transferred to a human agent. For example, in a payment reminder call where the customer cannot afford to make the payment, they can be transferred to an advisor to assist with a payment plan. Agents receive a real-time screen pop of customer information when the call is delivered so they are ready to provide maximum assistance to your customers.

24/7 Contact Center

A 24/7/365 Contact Center Solution

​Some campaigns need to run 24 hours a day and it’s not always economically viable to staff a full team at all hours. Cloud Contact Pro can bridge that gap. In a healthcare setting, for example, you can remind vulnerable patients to take medication and offer the option to transfer to an on-call nurse if there is an issue.

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