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Morrison Supply Case Study

Hosted voice and network solution from West allows Morrison's IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.


After an acquisition by a holding company, Morrison Supply Company set out to upgrade their technology infrastructure to prepare for rapid growth and expansion. It was vital that their technology have the ability to grow with them.

At the time, the company was using an old version of an on-premises Cisco Call Manager for their voice service. When it came to email and office applications, they used a lot of open source products that resulted in spotty and unreliable service at times. With an already thin IT staff, the company was leaning toward hosted solutions that could free up the IT team.

Joe Lacik, CIO/ Vice President, set out to create a collaborative environment that would sustain their plans to more than double in revenue without requiring double the IT staff. “We didn’t want to build a huge infrastructure of our own; we want to leverage other peoples’ infrastructure. We have no time to do the mundane or the administrative,” he explained.


Morrison Supply was initially looking at Microsoft Office 365 for hosted Exchange and other Office applications in the cloud. After working with the West team, it was determined that an upgrade to their voice and data capabilities was also essential to meeting their growth and IT goals.

The Morrison management team visited West’s Louisville Executive Briefing Center and met with executives. The companies worked closely together to develop the right solution to meet the company’s needs, through onsite visits and meetings with consultants and executives across the organization.

Since Lacik and team were already sold on the cloud concept, and because of Morrison’s existing Cisco investment, West proposed VoiceMaxx CE, which includes Cisco HCS platform. And West would deploy Office 365 across the organization to unify the company on a single, hosted email platform with access to tools that would boost employee productivity.

West took over management of the company’s existing data agreement with AT&T for the remainder of their contract, and when complete, transitioned Morrison to West’s Maxxis application-aware network. The move brought all communications services on a single, unified network, simplifying both the management and billing aspects of their communications infrastructure.


Morrison Supply continues to grow through acquisition. As they do, VoiceMaxx CE and Office 365, delivered securely and reliably over the Maxxis network, easily scales to their new users and new locations. The company also uses InterCall conferencing, West Cloud Contact for call center capabilities, as well as MaxxSecure and Mobile Connect.

The Morrison IT team no longer has to travel to every single location to make changes to their phone system or make a network adjustment. All management is centralized in an easily accessible online portal. And the new phone system and contact center capabilities help Morrison meet the needs of both workers and customers.

“We can make changes in call offloads, make changes in how the phones work through the warehouse, through customers in the field,” said Lacik. “It’s all tied as one service. By leveraging the cloud we now can focus our attention, our money, on what better suits the business for growth.”

“The business changes so fast, a project that’s going to take six months or a year really isn’t feasible. We have to move fast. So I’m really excited for the first time in the history of technology, leveraging the cloud, we can move at the speed of business or faster,” Lacik stated. “I feel like the rate we’re going at now I could almost run ahead of the business. I’ve never had that before.”

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