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ICU Medical Case Study

Learn how ICU Medical uses West solutions to cut costs of travel and still hold weekly meetings.


ICU Medical ICU Medical is a leader in the development, manufacture and sale of proprietary, disposable medical connection systems for use in intravenous (IV) therapy applications. The Irvine, Ca.-based Company designs products to protect healthcare workers and their patients from exposure to infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and C and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) through accidental needle-sticks. The company also produces products that protect the integrity of the patient’s IV system as well.

As a company with a market cap of close to 500 million, ICU Medical supports itself with a national sales force of more than 100 people. With medical technology changing almost weekly and the constant introduction of new products, the sales team needed a way to quickly bring everyone together to disseminate information. The vice president of sales decided to hold weekly meetings to update the sales force on new information. But with the sales team scattered across the country and often traveling, it wasn’t feasible to bring everyone together for a face-to-face meeting. The company needed a reliable, easy way to communicate without having to travel.


The sales team was set up with Reservationless Plus conferencing, enabling them to hold weekly meetings with the entire sales force without having to travel. The vice president of sales was able to communicate with the entire sales team on an audio conference call and update them with critical information. With Reservationless Plus conferencing, the sales team didn’t have the hassle of making a reservation. The lines were available whenever and wherever they needed them. The company valued Reservationless Plus conferencing so much that they also began using West’s Web conferencing solution for meetings. Now when the sales team gets together they can see presentations in real time, collaborate on a virtual white board, provide instant feedback or ask questions in real time. Instead of working in multiple versions of the same file, they can each edit the same document during the Conference. Conferencing tools have enabled ICU Medical to more quickly react to the market, focus on revenue generating sales activities, and save money on travel costs.


ICU Medical was able to see the following results from using West’s Reservationless Conferencing, including: • Holding weekly calls with the Vice President of Sales and more than 100 sales people on new products, new technology and other important information; • Saving more than $200 per month from other conferencing service providers; • Using the same dial-in number and pass code every time, without the hassle of a reservation; • 24/7 customer service, providing reliable, quality calls anytime of day or night.

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