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HBCS Case Study

Specialist collection agency HBCS improve best practice protocols using West Cloud Call Recording.

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Hospital Billing and Collection Service, also known as HBCS, provides a comprehensive range of high quality accounts receivable management services, exclusively for not-for-profit hospitals. The Billing sector is a highly competitive market that is strictly controlled by both government and independent regulatory bodies. Clients take a zero tolerance approach to customer service and organizations such as HBCS are under constant pressure to improve their quality of interactions between customers and call center agents, while ensuring that all transactions are recorded and archived as a permanent record, in case of any possible future dispute management.


“We went through a lengthy vendor selection process and brought in all of the major quality players in the market, including West, who we saw as an innovative company, with a fresh approach to call recording.”
Victoria Ostrow Director, Information Services and Technology

“An added vendor challenge was the requirement to fully index and log calls on our Avaya Predictive Dialing System (PDS).”
Tony Zulkowski Sr. Project Leader, Communication System

The implementation of West’s combined call and screen recording solution included replacing an existing call recording solution. This outdated and outmoded legacy technology was both counterproductive and proving expensive to maintain and upgrade.

“In the end we chose a call recording partner, and that partner was West. Not only was Cloud Call Recording the best technology fit for us, it also offered HBCS a feature rich solution that could meet all our current and future business needs.” 
Victoria Ostrow

“It was a very inefficient approach to quality monitoring and didn’t provide us with the scalability to meet our organisations growing needs.” 
Tony Zulkowski Sr


Cloud Call Recording provides HBCS with the security to record all of their incoming and outgoing calls, while built in Quality Management templates automatically highlight agent weaknesses. This solves both quality and motivational needs, as well as recording for legislation and customer dispute management. The ability to record, not only the voice component of a customer interaction, but also the agent’s interaction with existing business desktop applications makes for a powerful performance tool that has implications through out the business. The solution delivers enhanced auditing capabilities by increasing agent visibility, unveiling previously hidden processes, knowledge and workload problems.

“Team Leaders find the new system much easier to use in handling disputes and managing their day-to-day monitoring. By filtering searches, Cloud Call Recording has become a key tool to easily pick up on training and coaching issues any agent might have.” 
Victoria Ostrow


Using Cloud Call Recording to review a select set of calls and score them against a managed criteria, irrespective of location, enables HBCS to identify key agent strengths and weaknesses and provide feedback regularly and effectively. It also profiles each agent, creating simple automated reports that enable HBCS to easily identify training requirements.

“We wanted to ensure that our customer service representatives were delivering the very best in service. Cloud Call Recording has allowed us to provide a comprehensive agent training and feedback program.” 
Sheila Barnes, QAR Coordinator

Cloud Call Recording also allows agents to playback their own calls in preparation for a review. This dramatically improves agent motivation and retention by allowing agents to be not only self-critical, but also take a more hands on approach in their development.

“Our review process is now much more efficient for our Team Leaders. Defining specific call filters enables us to immediately pick up on any training or coaching issues an agent might have.” 
Victoria Ostrow

Cloud Call Recording has enabled HBCS to evaluate and report on all aspects of their agent calls. Designed to free up management time, its 100% web-based infrastructure helps simplify the process of recording, retrieving and evaluating customer interactions regardless of location. The solution also provides team leaders with a truly objective tool for quality management, and any number of “question templates” can be defined for evaluating agent calls. This further enables HBCS to drilldown on specific skill gaps on an individual basis, increasing agent motivation and ultimately improving customer service and potential revenues.

As HBCS continues to expand their business, they can do so safe in the knowledge that Cloud Call Recording will continue to meet their growing requirements. Every user, from junior team members to Chief Executives, can submit product improvement ideas with just one click. As a result, West solutions continue to add key benefits, and customers are safe in the knowledge that while their business needs will evolve, Cloud Call Recording will respond to these needs, protecting their investment and helping them retain a competitive advantage.

“Through West we are we able to directly influence the evolution of the solution. Anyone, from agent to CEO, can submit a product improvement and then track them online. This provides us with a continued return on our investment.” 
Tony Zulkowski Sr

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