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Global Chemical Company Case Study

Read on for how one of the world’s leading global chemical companies streamlines international communications and cuts costs.


One of the world’s leading chemical companies, with staff concentrated in the United States, Europe and Asia, creates solutions to help its customers in virtually all industries. Their portfolio includes chemicals, plastics, performance products and more.

With offices and employees around the globe, collaboration and communications between staff is critical to the organization’s success. Before moving to West, the chemical company employed different telecom services for its regional offices around the world. Managing those disparate systems to schedule conference calls presented unwanted challenges. It also increased the cost of doing business since staff members needed to travel more often, rather than rely on a complicated conference call system. The organization needed a service provider who could help it develop a system that would make it easy for any of its employees to use and work to reduce costs.


West started working with the chemical company in North America in 2006. The satisfaction with West among staff was so universal that when an RFP (request for proposal) was issued for a global conferencing services provider in 2009, West was selected. More than 8000 employees at the chemical company are now using West’s Reservationless-Plus® audio conferencing platform with Global Network Access as well as West’s Operator Assisted service. The company has an online process, using a web page that it developed with West, for anyone who needs to obtain a conferencing account. The site is available in multiple languages and provides staff with a central location for all of its conferencing needs. “We needed to create a global page where anyone in the company could sign up for an account,” said an IS service manager at the chemical company. “Using the site we developed, staff can get a new account in one day, and we don’t have to incur any additional costs. Teaming up with West to develop this site was a big victory for the organization. The really amazing feature is that I have conference calls four times a week with people from other regional locations; I send out the conference code, and everyone knows what number to dial. It’s transparent because we all have one page to go to, which is a tremendous convenience.” In the past, the participants in this meeting would travel to meet in person every other month. Since the West installation, however, the frequency has dropped to once every five or six months. Cost savings from staff-created accounts, reduced travel expenses and using one global service provider were significant. A vendor administrator at the chemical company stated: “With all of our conferencing needs, including calls with corporate communications, planning sessions for events and interdepartmental meetings, we have had great success with West—whether there are five people on the call or 5000. In fact, we have been so happy with the service we receive from West, as well as the demonstrated cost savings, we recently renewed our agreement.”


The West customer profiled in this case study realized several benefits by working with West and incorporating West’s Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing platform with Global Network Access, including: •

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