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Fairfax Financial Case Study

Maximizing consumer debt recovery rates in the United Kingdom.


Fairfax offers a wide range of services to corporate clients and the primary and secondary market. The company’s recoveries group, who provides consumer debt recovery services to many of the UK’s leading financial institutions and blue chip companies, are driven by a desire to deliver market leading, innovative services to the highest degree of efficiency, quality and performance.

Based in Leeds UK, the team was challenged with increasing both productivity and profitability for their outbound calling operation.

“As business challenges become ever more complex with profit yielding our attention, productivity becomes the focus,” stated Fairfax Operations Manager Julie Cave.


Once the decision was made to move customer service to the cloud with West, the wheels were quickly set into motion. West Cloud Contact Pro was and went live installed in a matter of days. West’s use of open standards allowed swift integration with Fairfax’s existing phone system so that calls could be made to target contacts via the PBX and transferred to agents once answered (following analysis to detect for fax or answering machines). It was not necessary to install software on the desktop as Cloud Contact Pro provides all agent tools through a standard internet browser, which made rollout swift and easy.


Prior to implementation of Cloud Contact Pro, it often required up to 14 manual dialing attempts for each agent to reach just six live contacts per hour, an obvious limitation on productivity and potential profitability. But just days after West engineers arrived on site, Fairfax contact rates leapt to 25 live contacts per hour for each agent thanks to the predictive dialing feature.

In fact Fairfax completed five days’ worth of “manual” contact effort in a two-hour trial run following installation. And in the first six weeks, profit margins increased by more than three percent.

 “Cloud Contact Pro not only fulfilled our expectations, it even exceeded Fairfax’s core values of being straightforward, enterprising and effective,” remarked Cave.

“Cloud Contact Pro has brought great advantages to our business by providing the volume required to reach our objectives, but has also allowed us more time to deliver the quality services on which Fairfax has built its name.”


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