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EnSafe Case Study

EnSafe, global provider of environmental, health and safety, engineering, and technology solutions, leverages an existing Cisco investment to quickly migrate to the cloud.

The Challenge: Updating an Outdated Phone System

EnSafe, a global remediation and environmental consulting firm out of Memphis, Tennessee, was facing many issues with their old phone system. Their Cisco hardware was outdated and approaching end of life. They were also experiencing call quality issues, including jitter and call drops. Something had to be done to address the mounting issues.

“Our hand was essentially being forced. The hardware was going end of life and end of service. We were going to have to do something.”
- Lee Moseley, IT Manager at EnSafe.

The company began to investigate on-premises versus off-premises options.

“Who would provide it? Would it be somebody in town, out of town? Do we go straight to the cloud?” Moseley wondered. “With the help of my Cisco representative, West was brought to the table as a provider that could leverage Cisco technology, and me being familiar with Cisco—that sat well with me.”

The Solution: Filling Gaps in Cisco Investment with VoiceMaxx CE

Since EnSafe already had an investment in Cisco equipment, it made sense to go with VoiceMaxx CE, West’s hosted voice platform that includes Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). “It’s backed by Cisco. We already had end points. We already had phones and switches and routers that were all Cisco-branded, so I wanted to keep everything in the same family. Everything that West was able to give us just folded right into our current infrastructure,” Moseley remarked.

The EnSafe team appreciated that they would save money by not having to repurchase phones or any additional infrastructure. And the move from on-premises to the cloud was extremely smooth. In fact Moseley said, “We almost literally plugged in a West circuit and started migrating sites.”

The Results: A Fully-Managed and Supported Phone System

“Today VoiceMaxx CE covers all of our office locations. We’re also using West to take over and manage our entire network with Maxxis,” he continued. “When it’s all said and done, we will have saved more money and we have the ability to upgrade our bandwidth at a lower cost than what our other vendor was providing. West has a 24/7/365 support team that proactively monitors our system. From an IT perspective, that’s invaluable. From an end user perspective, do you take for granted being able to pick up a phone and getting a dial tone and dialing out? We used to have problems with something as simple as that. Those problems are a thing of the past.”

The West solution has provided EnSafe one heterogeneous environment that allows them to leverage all of the technology they need while allowing their IT department to almost forget about what’s going on.

Moseley stated, “It’s a set it, forget it type of mentality, so we can focus more so on our internal employees and how we can help them better do their job."

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Since 1980, EnSafe has been providing superior quality consulting services. As a global provider of environmental, health and safety, engineering, and technology solutions. Founded and headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, has offices in cities across the U.S. Specialties include Environmental, Engineering, Health and Safety, EHS and GIS Technology .

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