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C.A.R.S. Creditlink Case Study

Seven years in the West cloud for UK-based debt recovery specialists C.A.R.S.

Magnetic North now West


C.A.R.S. Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd. is a wholly owned and managed UK business focused on maximizing collections, while upholding the integrity and reputation of clients through a highly ethical and compliant approach to debt collection. Delivering complex collection solutions, they are known for achieving measurable results for both early arrears and written off debt portfolios. 

C.A.R.S provides debt collection services for numerous blue chip clients. Based in Basingstoke, UK, they operate a fully blended inbound and outbound contact center employing 40+ agents.

They first implemented West Cloud Contact Pro in March 2007. The breadth of features available was a key driver in their product choice. Features such as mobile and local number presentation, AMD and advanced IVR were able to set West apart from the competition, along with a strong contact center history and pedigree.


C.A.R.S. operates in a truly blended environment, maximizing their available resources with agents able to handle both inbound and outbound channels.

In addition to Cloud Contact Pro, they are also using Cloud Call Recording and the advanced PCI compliance module. Call recording is a critical part of the business so that any disputes over promised payments can be swiftly resolved. Productivity improvements have been significant, leading ultimately to greater amounts of debt being recovered.

Inbound IVR allows automation of payments, e.g. “press 1 to make a payment” which not only saves a lot of agent time (and money) but also takes them out of scope for PCI as it is an automated system where the card details are not heard or recorded by anyone.

Inbound callers also have the option to stay on the line and be transferred to an agent. The introduction of the PCI compliance module will enable C.A.R.S. to also be PCI compliant for agent–assisted calls where payments are taken over the phone.


Head of Collections Graham Vincent-Scott commented, “Cloud Contact Pro is the best blended dialer system that I have ever used. Inbound calls are put straight back into the campaign so that agents are never idle, seamlessly switching between inbound and outbound operations. Features such as local and mobile number presentation have also increased answer rates, talk time and ultimately the amount of debt we are able to recover. Cloud Contact Pro provides the ability to assign CLID’s (the telephone numbers presented on outbound calls) at a campaign, calling list and individual customer record level. This enables us to operate a broad mix of calling activities through a single outbound campaign, with confidence that return calls to the CLID presented can be routed back to the correctly skilled inbound/blended agents.”


C.A.R.S also benefits from our West Success Management program which, through regular on-site visits and consultations, has also been invaluable to the relationship, always ensuring that C.A.R.S. are optimizing their contact center performance by making the most of the features available.

Managing Director of C.A.R.S., Peter Copperwheat stated, “We’ve relied upon West for more than seven years to operate our contact center from the cloud. With their platforms, we’ve more than doubled the size of our business and we rely on them to provide service for a range of leading brands every day. With West, we successfully handle millions of calls each year.”

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