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CA Case Study

CA’s Virtual Product Launch Attracts Over 2,000 Partners and Corporate Users


CA, one of the world’s largest IT management software providers, chose West Unified Communications Services’ platform to help introduce two new recovery management products and reach the greatest number of attendees, with separate agendas for partners and customers. Comparing the cost of running a physical event in one central location to a virtual event, the company had determined that a virtual event would be more cost effective in attracting a large global audience.

The CA Recovery Management team had experience with webcasts, and had participated in virtual events, but this was their first time to create a complete virtual event and evaluate how well it would fit into their social media strategy. With the decision made, Jacqueline Foster, Channel Marketing Manager, and the CA Recovery Management Marketing team, had to overcome their biggest obstacle – they had barely one month to execute this event. Choosing the right virtual provider was critical to their success.


In evaluating virtual event platforms, CA took into consideration how effectively each vendor could segment information for two distinctive audiences. They wanted to be able to educate and train their partners, while at the same time generating new product interest and ultimately qualified leads from corporate users. They also wanted to reach a broad international marketplace. In selecting West as their virtual event partner, the CA marketing team chose six of the 17 different languages that West provides and attracted attendees from 81 countries. CA was also impressed with West’s ability to quickly and easily create multiple venues within the same virtual environment.

With less than four weeks to prepare, they needed a strong and effective support team to help them execute flawlessly in a very short time-period. Jacqueline mentioned that more planning time would have helped but she emphasized: “The West Web Event Services team provided us with an expert level of guidance and support to help us manage the short event timelines and content deadlines for our launch event.”


The actual event date brought higher attendance than CA expected. “Our partners gave us rave reviews” Jacqueline recalled. “They were impressed with the level of information and training available. Our customers were also excited about the content and venue CA chose to present the new products. We were able to measure attendee activities on every level: how they came in, what they were interested in, we could even see how some chats actually turned into prospective deals.”

With over 4,000 collateral downloads, the CA marketing team could easily quantify how well they fulfilled their objectives. Jacqueline was quick to point out that “West turned out to be an amazingly effective social networking platform. Our highly interactive environment allowed a global audience of partners and users to network and share valuable ideas while having access to a wealth of new product information and training.” CA is now assessing how they will incorporate virtual engagements in their overall marketing strategy.”


  • Introduce new products to a global audience
  • Educate partners on new product solutions
  • Increase knowledge transfer through training courses
  • Generate corporate interest and qualified leads


  • More than 2,000 partners and corporate users
  • Over 4,000 information downloads
  • Nearly 5,000 booth visits
  • 900 chats and messages
  • Clear success metrics

“West enables companies to creatively reach a large global audience in a uniquely interactive, virtual environment. Virtual engagement should be a well-defined, integral component of any corporate marketing plan.” Dave Dalton VP Channel Marketing

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