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Berkeley Research Group Case Study Video

Global consulting firm Berkeley Research Group ditches dropped calls and outages in favor of a stable, secure and scalable cloud hosted voice service.

Our experts at BRG are truly enjoying the unified communications platform and the Jabber client. They're able to work from anywhere, say, mostly with their clients. They have the phone capability, they have instant messaging, they have video capabilities in desktop sharing. So, literally, they can be at a client's site and have an issue pop up, possibly with another client or back at the office and they're instantly connected, with their team, with all of their tools and their data, and they can make split second decisions that really move the needle for us and drive our bottom line here at BRG.

We had a basic VoIP system or voice over. And in that protocol, the system was very rudimentary. It had problems with scalability, instability. It got very choppy, very jittery. The platform itself did not integrate well with Outlook. As our business continued to grow, it put more and more stress on the existing platform.

Selecting the Unified Communications platform for BRG, we used an RFP process. We selected eight players in the marketplace that are excellent in the technologies that they're known for. We immediately were able to narrow that list of eight to six. And then working with our technology advisory group inside of BRG, we had extensive interviews with the top three candidates, West being one of those three. Comparing the features, the functionality, the security, as well as the direction and the alignment between West and BRG; West, from our perspective, was an obvious choice.

Working with West, we're able to select the VoiceMaxx CE platform which is an overlay of Cisco HCS. We also selected Jabber, and we're in the process of testing MaxxSecure.

Our experts really truly enjoy the experience, not only with the Jabber, but the actual Cisco telephones as well. The clarity of the voice, the fidelity in the conference rooms is unmatched. Our experts are able to collaborate more than they have in the past. Whether it's collaboration using instant messaging, video and video conferencing, obviously the telephone and telephone conferencing. But with the Jabber client loaded on laptops, loaded on smartphones and tablets, they're able to connect to their colleagues and their clients anywhere in the world.

West is an integral business partner for the firm and part of our business. Not only do we have the VoiceMaxx CE platform and unified communications platform, but we also use services such as InterCall, etc. We've got a great business partner, and we tweak and leverage to scale our business.

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