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West Cloud Contact Salesforce Integration

Improving the customer experience with insight and agility.

West Cloud Contact delivers a powerful set of tools for enterprise contact centers. When combined with Salesforce, your agents are empowered with the information they need to better serve customers. With features like screen pops, click to dial, and automated call logging, your agents will have the data at hand to quickly resolve inquiries and then move on to the next task.

Give Agents and Customers What They Need

With Cloud Contact and its built-in Salesforce integration capabilities, agents get immediate customer data as the call is connected.  

  • Eliminate the back and forth toggling between apps with an integrated widget, screen pops and click to dial functionality
  • Improve average handling time (AHT) and reduce customer frustration by giving agents the information they need to address issues quickly

With more informed agents and happier customers, businesses are on their way to building a better customer relationships.

Multiple Matches? No Problem.

With Cloud Contact, you can select the appropriate account and contact name from a dropdown so that the call is logged to the correct customer contact.

Add Comments

Take and save notes about what transpired during the call.

Cloud Contact Salesforce Integration


Cloud Contact’s click-to-dial feature works in both Salesforce classic and Lightening mode. Outbound calls are logged automatically.

Capture Call Details and Access in the Call Log, Reports and the Activity History

  • Time: Time the call was answered.
  • Account: The account the contact or caller ID is associated with in Salesforce.
  • Contact: The contact with the associated caller ID.
  • Caller: The Caller ID number of the caller.
  • Destination: The DID of the agent who answered the call.
  • Direction: Inbound/Outbound (Outbound click-to-dial only).
  • Task: Click to link directly to the task created for the call.
  • Comments: Free form field to add comments about the call.

Cloud Contact Salesforce Deployment

Simple to Deploy and Free of Charge

Salesforce integration for Cloud Contact is easy to install and is completely free for Cloud Contact customers. Administrators can simply download the app and immediately begin adding users from within Salesforce.

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Cloud Contact Salesforce Integration Features

  • Screen Pop
  • Click-to-dial
  • Enhanced User Settings
  • Recent Call Log, Call Details Reporting
  • Automated Call Logging for inbound and outbound
  • Link to Task
  • Add Comments/Notes
  • Inbound Queue Calls and Chat Support
  • Salesforce Lightning Support