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West Cloud Contact Pro Overview

Create your future-proof contact center in the cloud.

Cloud Contact Pro

Delight customers and empower your agents with a flexible inbound, outbound or fully blended cloud contact center solution. West Cloud Contact Pro offers powerful features with guaranteed compliance that will improve productivity and enhance customer service.

Inbound, Outbound, Multichannel & Blended – You Decide

West Cloud Contact Pro is a revolutionary, multichannel inbound and outbound contact platform designed to boost productivity, increase contact rates and build customer relationships. With more than 400 features, Cloud Contact Pro delivers diverse call flows no matter what your focus, whether it’s customer acquisition, sales, support, or collections, and you can leverage workflow management and forecasting tools to ease administrative responsibilities.

  • Intelligently route inbound inquiries based on a variety of factors, regardless of whether it’s a voice, email or web chat conversation
  • Take advantage of full-featured outbound contact campaigns over a variety of communications modes
  • Seamless workflows for agents blend contact handling activity across multiple channels, so every customer gets a response regardless of whether they post, tweet, chat, email, fax or call
  • Optimize agent productivity and eliminate idle time with complete call blending that allows agents to be inbound, outbound, or fully blended within one concurrent user license

Key Inbound Contact Center Features

Cloud Contact Pro improves customer interactions by offering a smooth experience, from first contact through resolution. From sophisticated IVR functionality, to multimedia-awareness and screen pops with prior contact record information, agents have the information at hand to address queries swiftly.

  • Intelligent Call Routing - Route callers based on agent skillset and other factors to best meet customer needs.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Ensure customers are quickly guided through to the right place, whether it’s with an agent or self-serve.
  • Call Queue Management - Build call flows with voice menus that allow you to direct your inbound callers to the best possible queue.
  • Dynamic Scripting - Make calls as easy as possible for agents to handle with advanced scripting tools.
  • Global Inbound Numbers - Take advantage of international DID numbers in the markets that matter to you to improve customer service and brand perception.

Key Outbound Contact Center Features

Whether for sales and telemarketing, debt collection, proactive customer care, or surveying, West Cloud Contact Pro’s outbound features make it easier to be more successful than ever reaching customers and prospects. Thanks to our advanced predictive dialer algorithm, features like automated outbound dialing help you make more calls while increasing connect rates and talk times.

  • Predictive Dialing - Connect more calls and dramatically increase your connect rates and talk times while also running concurrent preview and progressive campaigns.
  • Mobile Screening - Our patented outbound dialing uses dynamic look ahead technology to weed out bad numbers, switched off phones, and customers who are roaming, all without making a single call.
  • Mobile and Local Number Presentation and Agent CLI - Agents can have their own personal direct dial number, present a number that’s local to the people you are calling, or, if they are mobile phones, send a mobile number.
  • Robotic Agent - Reduce the cost of low value calls with virtual agents that can offer your customers policy renewals, payment reminders, and take credit card payments using multilingual text-to-speech.
  • Integrated Voice/SMS Campaigns - Send personalized text messages to increase conversion rates to otherwise unresponsive customers and see up to 30% response rates.

Cloud Contact Center Reporting and Analytics

Real-time contact center dashboards allow you to stay in control and make the right decisions for your business. Cloud Contact Pro offers deep insight into contact center performance with real-time and historical reporting. With our suite of reporting tools and customizable, browser-based dashboards, you can quickly access KPIs and team performance metrics and respond to emerging situations immediately.

Used in tandem with West Cloud Call Recording and our Workforce Optimization solution, you have actionable analytics and tools to improve customer service and efficiency, as well as coach and incentivize your teams.

Cloud Powered For Value and Flexibility

Rather than buying expensive on-premises contact center systems that are designed to support a specific location, you simply commit to a number of concurrently logged-in team members – regardless of location – and can scale to up to twice as many people without any prior notice. Say goodbye to expensive upgrades and maintenance contracts and say hello to innovation and flexibility.

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