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On-Site Event Capture Use Cases

On-Site Event Capture harnesses important content from live, in-person events and helps you extract its full value.

From capture to syndication: digitize your on-site events so that they never expire. Deliver live and on-demand content while lowering production costs.


Conferences, trade shows and seminars with multiple sessions occurring simultaneously are resource-intensive and represent huge and growing budget line 

items.  By digitally capturing the content at your live, in-person events, you: 

  • Reach a broader audience with all of your event’s content
  • Drive thought leadership and awareness by extending the reach of your content
  • Maximize ROI of your live on-site events


Taking content from podium to video platforms is a need, not a luxury.  However, large-scale events with simultaneous break-out sessions present unique logistical and resource challenges. On-site Event Capture answers those challenges. For the first time, you can capture exactly what happens live in the session and syndicate it.

  • On-premise recording of live feeds from simultaneous break-out rooms: audio, slides and/or video
  • Transmission of streams to other on-site locations and real-time delivery to internal and external video portals  
  • Archiving of all content with continued availability in a West CorporateTube, Digital Video Portal, or other internal and external video hosting portal 


Select from the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of solution modules, from the initial recording through delivery and syndication and everything in between.  Choose full on-site production and support or just use program video and graphics feeds, and we’ll work with your teams.  West can even provide the delivery portal: West CorporateTube and Digital Video Portal offer secure, user-friendly locations to store your assets.


West’s global infrastructure spans 13 support centers across four continents.  Your content will securely reach any audience, anywhere. Enterprise-grade security is integral to every West solution. You control who has access to your digital assets.   


Keep your content working after the event ends. Extend its value to internal and external stakeholders through Marketing, Training, Corporate Communications, HR—anywhere knowledge-sharing plays a critical role.


Leverage unique content from user conferences and other events to drive customer and prospect engagement. Keep partners and customers current on new products and product updates with live and on-demand content available through your partner university or training center.

  • Curate and incorporate content into marketing initiatives including customer programs, webinars, website, social media, public relations
  • Create thought leadership series for prospects, customers or partners
  • Stream events such as user conferences or product launches live via your partner portal


Provide your global employees with live training streams or on-demand training sessions. Leverage thought leadership, subject matter expertise and other content through real-time and/or on-demand access.

  • Stream live events such as user conferences via your employee portal
  • Incorporate key elements of live presentations into training sessions or videos
  • Integrate complete or edited portions of presentations to create courses in your Virtual Learning Environment that include testing and/or certification


Capture and provide access to executive presentations, sessions and events for ongoing employee enrichment. Deliver important content to employees throughout your company, not just the few who can attend events in-person.

  • Offer on-demand access to important communications on an ongoing basis to keep employees engaged and onboard new recruits 
  • Stream live events such as user conferences and executive speeches via your employee portal
  • Incorporate key elements of presentations and events into training sessions or videos
  • Get finished content into the hands of on-demand audiences in 24 hours or less


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