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Multichannel Cloud Contact Center

With West Cloud Contact Pro, multichannel doesn’t have to mean multiple applications.

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Reach Your Customers Any Way

No Matter How Your Customer Reaches Out, You’ll Always be In the Know

Customers have increasingly high expectations of the companies they engage with, and today's tech-savvy consumers expect to be able to connect on their terms using the communications method they select. For traditional contact centers this has presented an expensive and complex integration challenge, where agents manage multiple applications on the desktop.

With Cloud Contact Pro, a completely integrated multichannel contact center solution, you can give customers and agents the ability to pick and mix communication channels.

Improve Interactions with a Unified View of the Customer

Customers may use several methods of outreach to resolve their problems, perhaps starting with an email, then moving to social media or escalating to a phone call if not satisfied.

Without an integrated view of all these media, agents can struggle to understand the customer’s complaint and frustrations. With our integrated approach all interactions are laid out in one screen, enabling your agents to guide the customer to a successful resolution, quickly and efficiently.

Add Email, Web Chat and Social Media to Your Contact Center as You Need Them

For many contact centers, the migration from voice to multichannel contact center comes in stages:  a first stage where email handling and web chat are added to facilitate interaction and reduce calls, and then a second stage where social media is added to the mix. With West Cloud Contact Pro, you can switch on all channels from the get-go or add them as your processes become ready.

Dynamic Email Routing

Dynamic Routing, Scripting and Visibility are Key to Email Success

We provide a range of tools to ensure that incoming emails are automatically delivered to the relevant queue, with the available option to set up auto replies based upon email content.

Service levels can be managed and reported on and when an email is delivered to an agent between incoming voice calls, they can choose from pre-written templates which can be customized on the fly.

Web Chat Features

Web Chat Feature Improves Customer Transactions

Surveys show that 63% of consumers are more likely to revisit a website that offers chat, and around 40% of users confirm that web chat sessions have enabled them to complete a web transaction that they would otherwise have abandoned without the live support that web chat offers. 

West Cloud Contact Pro manages web chat alongside phone calls, allowing proficient agents to handle multiple concurrent chat sessions. Agents can choose from template responses or customize their own and customers have the option to be sent a transcript of the chat session.  

Contact Center Social Media

Using Social Media to Your Advantage in the Contact Center

Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels have changed the way people communicate with businesses. However, many companies struggle to successfully adopt social media for customer support.

Social media users share their experiences, good or bad, with three times as many people and spend an average of 30% more with brands that they are connected to online. With Cloud Contact Pro multichannel capabilities, you can tap into social networks to quickly respond to customer needs while building trust, your brand and stronger relationships.

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