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MaxxPoint Unified Communications Portal

When it comes to managing your cloud-based applications and services, you need to be able to have complete visibility across your entire enterprise. MaxxPoint brings together all your unified communications applications in a single, easy-to-use interface. Manage your UC tools and team all in one place.

In today’s economy where competition is fierce, businesses stand to benefit from implementing an enterprise-class hosted application that provides secure access to tools and features that improve productivity and user satisfaction.

MaxxPoint provides access to your UC applications, as well as billing, service requests and support guides, all in one place. An enterprise-class security and permissions system allows IT administrators to easily assign MaxxPoint permissions to users and user groups based on their business processes and organizational requirements.

In addition, a user-friendly interface allows easier navigation, increased readability, greater customization and more automation tools which result in increased user efficiencies.

MaxxPoint Application Dashboard

MaxxPoint Apps

Benefits of MaxxPoint

MaxxPoint makes administration and management of your UC services a breeze with benefits that matter:

  • Centralized Applications
    MaxxPoint provides one central location to access all your applications and services. This means there is no need to bookmark URLs or links to various applications — it’s all under one roof.

  • Flexible Security and Permissions
    With MaxxPoint, administrators can fully customize the platform by creating user groups based on business processes within the enterprise. Each group can be assigned their own permissions, giving both administrators and users increased control over their data, applications and infrastructure.

  • Enhanced User Interface Controls
    With easier to navigate screen design and dashboards as well as customizable screen controls, administrators can save time and resources by minimizing the amount of additional training required to effectively use the tools within MaxxPoint. New tools such as report automation and click-to-dial also increase user efficiency.

Powerful web-based tools for ultimate control and visibility

MaxxPoint delivers a feature-rich set of tools that empower IT administrators with the visibility and control needed to ensure that the entire enterprise can communicate effectively and productively.

Perform Basic and Advanced Call Searches and Export the Results

MaxxPoint Call Search

Report Issues and Submit Serice Requests to Support

MaxxPoint Service Ticket

Easily Access User Guides and Support Documents for Your Services

MaxxPoint Support Documents

Centralized West UC applications One place to access all authorized West UC products, meaning it’s with no longer necessary to “bookmark” several URLs for applications.
Customized security and permissionsframework More customized security and permissions allows admins to grant access to optionsand data based on their enterprise’s business processes.
Click to-dial features for VoiceMaxxcustomers One click access to dial coworkers, the NOC, as well as inbound or outboundcompleted calls.
New and easy to use interface for all users Requires minimal training and increases efficiency.
Home page dashboards for common userreports Quicker and increased visibility into West UC products and services.
Single sign-on option Allows user authentication using one set of login credentials for access to multiple applications.
Customer administrative features Increased administrative control over West UC products and users as well greatervisibility into your services.

Next Steps

We can help you maximize the business benefits of a cloud-based enterprise management system. Our skilled Solution Design and Professional Services teams will work with you to design, implement, manage and support your management strategy. The next steps include detailed discovery sessions to assess current security needs and performance, evaluate business requirements and build an understanding of end-state requirements. Our approach to customer support is what makes the West UC experience different: we become an integrated component of the enterprise IT department, providing the level of expertise that fits each client’s unique needs.

MaxxPoint comes standard with VoiceMaxx, VoiceMaxx CE, West Cloud ContactMaxxis and MaxxSecure.

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