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Maxxis Network Monitor Overview

Network transparency should come standard. Now it does.

Maxxis Network Monitor is a complete WAN management system adapted from IBM Tivoli & Solarwinds applications, giving you the ability monitor the real-time performance and health of your entire network infrastructure. With Network Monitor you can easily manage hardware, circuits, and VLANS, run utilization reports for all network infrastructure elements, control performance and fault management with ability to customize thresholds and alerts, monitor and manage the performance of applications and servers to optimize the performance of your network. 

As enterprises make the shift to cloud-based applications, the reliance on a high quality data network is more important than ever. But IT departments need more from their service providers than just circuits. They require a solution that provides real-time visibility and control with proactive monitoring and status alerts.

Gain Deeper Visibility
Network Monitor is a fully-managed service that provides a powerful set of network management tools, offering real-time, in-depth, network performance statistics for circuits, routers, switches, servers and any other SNMP-enabled devices. Network Monitor also supplies statistics, trends and reports about your IT infrastructure, allowing you to know the health of your entire network at any time.

Network Monitor offers user-centric views, like the IT Executive Summary, delivering a simple but detailed summary of network performance statistics. The dashboard view provides a real-time snapshot of network-wide utilization and availability, application-level metrics and location-and device-level statistics.

Empower Your IT Team
With Network Monitor, your IT department is always aware of network health and stability and other conditions pertinent to the delivery of data, communications and applications. And since Network Monitor is a managed service, hosted and delivered by West Unified Communications Services, IT teams can focus on business-critical tasks, instead of supporting yet another application.

Stay Secure
Network Monitor provides an interface into the same system used by our Network Operations Center (NOC). It combines proprietary network event correlation with one of the fastest and most sophisticated event management systems available, delivering proactive network management services for the entire enterprise infrastructure. With enhanced features available like advanced event and status alerts, IP address management, Netflow traffic analysis and application and server performance management, Network Monitor keeps IT teams informed of network health, giving them visibility into the services being delivered.



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