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Maxxis Network Overview

Your next generation corporate network has arrived.

A typical corporate network, built piecemeal over the years, can hold back the deployment of applications and services that drive business growth. It’s time for Maxxis, an application aware network solution optimized for the delivery of real-time communications, centralized applications and cloud-based services across the enterprise. Forget next-generation; this is now.

The Maxxis network solution allows an enterprise to deploy a converged, all IP network as a fully managed infrastructure with unprecedented application performance, flexibility and resiliency. Maxxis delivers: 

  • Flexible service utilizing multiple tier 1 carriers to ensure wide geographic coverage 
  • A complete choice of network interfaces to suit business needs, and a level of resiliency that is not found in single-carrier networks 
  • A comprehensive tool set to manage your business applications end-to-end 
  • Full visibility into performance, from router and switch to network core 
  • Intelligent application-based routing, sophisticated management, and unprecedented network performance in a single MPLS solution

Get it right

Making the migration to an all IP network can be complex. One of the most significant hurdles a company faces is having the right resources, with the right skillsets, to plan and execute the network transformation project while at the same time managing the existing network. Maxxis is a fully managed solution. With over a decade of experience in building MPLS network solutions for leading enterprises, our solution design engineers work with you to build an infrastructure that minimizes technical, implementation and investment risks and allows you to harness the power of your network to improve business performance.

Ensure the performance of critical applications

Maxxis gives you complete control over bandwidth prioritization across the enterprise and delivers a unique approach to QoS management. While most MPLS networks have QoS capability based on prioritizing tagged packets, Maxxis takes QoS to a different level, assigning tags to traffic based on packet analysis, source and destination, as well as business use.

Keep your network secure

Maxxis offers the best in enterprise class security technologies in one powerful unified threat management solution. Optional MaxxSecure services ensure that your network is protected from external threats, such as hackers, network intrusions, viruses phishing, spoofing and spam. Administrators have powerful tools to set usage, policies, monitor and report on usage, and prevent internal misuse, all delivered as cloud-based services with a redundant and geographically diverse infrastructure that eliminates single points of failure and the requirement to route enterprise traffic through centralized firewalls.

Enhance support capabilities

Staffed 24/7/365 with Cisco certified engineers, the Network Operations Center (NOC) serves as a direct extension of your IT team. The NOC combines proprietary network event correlation with best-of-breed management systems to deliver proactivenetwork management services combined with some of the fastest, most sophisticated event management systems available.

Best-of-breed Network Architecture
Core backbone consisting of multiple interconnections with nationwide network providers and carrier-grade routing infrastructure
Provides maximum network coverage with greater flexibility for your specific design needs
Expansive Network Footprint
High-speed, high-quality MPLS backbone, accessible via T1, DS3, OCx, and Metro Ethernet
Greater reach and flexibility to manage geographically-dispersed offices
Fully Converged Network
Able to integrate voice, data, video and internet services into one network architecture
Improved performance and simplified management through a single network and a single vendor
Application Layer Prioritization
Customized data traffic prioritization, beyond standard QoS
Eliminates the need to over-provision dedicated Internet access and other services
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
Bandwidth fully available for all applications, including internet access, based on needs and Application Layer Prioritization
Providers take no responsibility for the security of application code that customers develop and run in clouds. Use static and dynamic testing tools to identify and remove application vulnerabilities. For cloud-based workloads, consider using cloud-based testing tools.
24/7/365 Network Monitoring & Customer Support
Proactive monitoring and management of the enterprise network by Cisco-certified engineers
Relieves the pressure of constant IT overview through trouble management and fast resolution
Web–based Management Tools
Network monitoring and alerting tools
Provides real-time and historical visibility and reporting


West Unified Communication Services can help you maximize the business benefits of an IP network transformation. Our skilled solution design teams will work with you to design, implement, manage and support your network infrastructure. The next steps include detailed discovery sessions to assess current network infrastructure and performance, evaluate business requirements and build an understanding of end-state requirements. From there our teams will lead you through the architecture, design, implementation, management and support stages of the migration.

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