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Cisco Webex Video Conferencing Hybrid

Changing the game in B2B video collaboration

Cisco TelePresence conferencing delivers an unparalleled face-to-face collaboration experience through life-like video, audio, and content sharing, preserving the feeling of "being there" for meeting attendees using immersive, desktop, or mobile systems. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center provides easy-to-use, secure web conferencing, helping millions of users achieve better business results through more productive and engaging web meetings. By bringing the two solutions together, you get the benefit of extending your conferencing circle to anyone within and beyond your organization, anywhere, at any time.

Cisco WebEx and TelePresence are optimized to work with any standards-based video endpoints, helping you extend the reach of your meetings and simplifying the experience for all participants. You can securely share two-way video, audio, and content among all attendees—including mobile users.

To schedule a meeting, an organizer can create a meeting invitation using the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook enabled by the WebEx® Productivity Tools or with the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS). The host selects the participants, adds the preferred endpoints and the WebEx information, and sends the invitation to all attendees. All participants receive one meeting invitation with all the information about how to join through telepresence or WebEx. A meeting host can start the meeting by pushing a single button. During a meeting, participants see the active speaker—from any standards-based video endpoint, as well as through the WebEx desktop or mobile client. Screen resolutions up to High Definition 720p are supported, depending on settings and network capacity.

In addition to video and audio sharing during the meeting, all users can securely share content such as presentations, documents, or applications. The telepresence users simply connect a VGA or HDMI cable to their laptops and select the sharing mode—and everyone can see the data being shared, including those joining through WebEx. WebEx users can also share their content with all participants in the meeting, allowing everyone to work together on creating documents, reviewing files, and approving changes in real time.

Extending WebEx Reach to Video Endpoints: Key Features

  • Secure two-way video sharing with up to HD 720p screen resolution between the WebEx Meeting Center and standards-based video endpoints
  • Integrated audio and data sharing—including application and desktop content sharing among all users in a meeting
  • Improved integrated conference scheduling through a single interface

Better Together: Benefits

  • Broader reach: Expand your calling circle to anyone, anywhere, on any video-enabled device
  • Increased productivity: Maximize your collaboration time with simplified scheduling and easily start meetings with a single button
  • Enhanced return on investment: Get the most return on your existing WebEx and telepresence investments

Required Components

To use WebEx with Cisco TelePresence, you need video endpoints that support Cisco® Unified Communications Manager or Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (Cisco VCS).

  • Cisco VCS Expressway is required for connectivity to WebEx Meeting Center.
  • Supported Cisco TelePresence multipoint conferencing system:  Cisco TelePresence MCU.
  • For scheduling, you need the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (Cisco TMS), and to schedule through Outlook you need to download the WebEx Productivity Tools.
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