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Cisco Webex Training Overview

Deliver rich, interactive training anywhere. Cisco Webex Training can broaden the reach and effectiveness of your corporate training programs.

You can roll out new products and promotions across your global sales organization in days instead of weeks or months, and accelerate product adoption by giving customers convenient access to web-based training. You can keep your workforce at peak proficiency by offering self-paced courses, and use subject matter experts to best advantage by recording presentations for future use. You can even transform your training program into a profit center through built-in e-commerce capabilities.

Increase Training Effectiveness with Multimedia and Assessment Tools

Instructors can combine high-quality video, audio and content sharing to deliver stimulating courses, demonstrations, and events. They can facilitate group collaboration through breakout sessions and encourage lively discussions with participants through chat and threaded Q&A. In addition, they can measure class effectiveness and individual proficiency with integrated testing, grading, and polling tools. Participants can learn at their convenience by viewing recorded sessions, and take advantage of online computer labs for practical application training.

Count on Cisco for Secure, Scalable Webex Service

Cisco Webex Training is easy-to-use and requires no new software or hardware. Whether you need to train 1 or 1000 people, you can be confident of high service availability and seamless audio, video, and data sharing. The Cisco Collaboration Cloud employs a robust, multilayer security model to protect session data. Security processes are stringently audited, with compliance details provided in the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) report.

Cisco Webex Training fits easily into your existing training environment with open application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate with leading Learning Management System (LMS) solutions and support for Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards.

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