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Call Manager Overview

Call Manager enhances the way you communicate by making your meetings more convenient and easy to manage.

Call Manager, our free online meeting tool for our InterCall Reservationless-Plus® service, is an application for your desktop that you can download or to run in your browser. It puts you in complete control of all aspects of your meeting including scheduling, participant management and security.

Complete Meeting Management

Call Manager turns your meeting into an integrated experience that adds impact to your message, increases conference participation and gives you control with a click of your mouse. Here are some of our favorite features:


Stay organized with Outlook and Mac calendar integration and schedule meetings for easy to remember connectivity.

Start and Join

Use our state-of-the-art hybrid audio capabilities and connect easily to your meetings with Call Me, dial-in or Voice over IP.

Voice over IP

Connect with Voice over IP using our hybrid audio platform with tunneled connections when behind a firewall, and facilitate meetings from more locations, reducing your international roaming fees.

Meeting Control

Ensure your meetings are on track by muting participant lines to reduce unwanted background noise; knowing who is speaking during your meeting with Active Talker and increasing security by locking your meeting room.

Sub-Conferencing/Break-Out Rooms

Create spaces for private conversations for small group work or sidebar discussions and keep track of your break-out rooms by viewing and sorting participants in each room.


Add a level of communicating between you, participants and their peers with the in-meeting chat feature.

On-Demand Sharing and Video

Deliver a more powerful message by sharing a file, application or video on a per-meeting basis.*

Desktop Video

Add an additional layer of personalization on-demand and feel like you’re in the same room with high-quality multipoint video.*


Customize the look and feel of Call Manager by using your organization’s logo and colors to further drive home your message and maintain your brand strategy.


Sync with MobileMeet®, our free mobile app for Call Manager, to start and join the same meeting from your iPhone or Android phone with access to the same features and functions as Call Manager.

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