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Leverage Webinars to Generate Leads - Part 2

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 15:45
Webinars Generate Leads

In her recent webinar, Leveraging Webinars & Optimizing Content to Generate Leads, Hana Abaza, VP of Marketing at Uberflip, points out that five years ago content was king, but now distribution reigns as queen. And it’s how you package the experience around your content that bumps up conversion rates and drives growth.

In Part 1 of this series, we outlined being SASSY (Scannable, Actionable, Shareable, Scaleable and You-oriented) as the key to creating a great content experience. In this blog, we review Abaza’s recommendations for actually landing the leads.

Leverage Your Blog

Leverage Company Blog


To build subscribers to drive traffic and growth, toss out this old and tired model:

Publish Post → Share Post → Hope for Traffic → Hope for Leads

Instead, opt for:

Publish Post → Email Post → Guarantee Views → Subscribers Share → Guarantee Leads

Also be sure to include CTAs. You can:

  • Be up front with a full page request to subscribe
  • Embed a sign-up for free email updates within a blog post
  • Create a pop-up box or page that asks visitors to sign up before leaving the site

To Gate or Not to Gate?

Gate Content

Are you reaching out to a broad audience with thought leadership? Or trying to attract leads? If the latter, consider gating your valuable, premium content: requiring emails to gain access. This can be done on landing pages or as overlay CTAs.

Landing pages:

  • Be simple, clear and concise. One page, one purpose.
  • Use one CTA.
  • Optimize CTA forms for goals, with specific questions to identify strong leads.
  • Add testimonials and a picture of the author to humanize the site.

Overlay CTAs:

  • Create a concise message with limited form fields that take you directly to content. When HubSpot reduced its fields from four to three, it saw a 50 percent increase in conversion rates among 40,000 of its customers.
  • Context matters. The CTA should be related to the page people land on.

Harness the Power of Webinars

Webinars for Lead Generation


Live and on-demand webinars are an effective tool for reaching audiences. Be sure to:

  • Have a great headline, dynamic presenters, strong content and Q&A opportunities.
  • Be specific about the topic and target the right audience to generate leads.
  • Leverage partners by promoting the event together, sharing email lists, determining channels and optimizing landing pages. There should be overlap with the other companies when it comes to the audience and products offered.
  • Start on time and encourage interaction. Afterwards, do a quick follow-up with attendees and partners while the webinar’s fresh in everyone’s minds. Send recordings and slides. Repurpose the webinar for on-demand viewing and consider syndicating distribution to continue generating leads.

Test, Test, Test

Test Content

Continually test for source traffic. See how audiences respond to your webinars, landing pages, and CTA overlays. Keep making adjustments to move the needle towards more growth for your company.

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