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How to Make Employee Training Work for Introverts

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 11:45
Employee Training for Introverts

Haven’t yet implemented training and development programs in your organization? If you’re looking to retain employees in the new year, you may want to start. According to our research, two out of three employees say training opportunities are an important factor in their decision to stay with their current company/position.

However, many organizations’ training sessions tend to maximize social interactions through activities like ice breakers, role-playing and open discussions. While these activities certainly provide value, career development shouldn’t focus solely on forced social interaction. Many employees, specifically introverts, would benefit from a different approach. 

Extroverts vs. Introverts in the Workplace

The workplace is a melting pot of personalities, but composed mainly of two types - introverts and extroverts. We covered the differences between introverts and extroverts in business meetings and how you can handle both in a past blog post. Extroverts are generally outgoing and tend to prefer the company of people, finding it energizing. On the other hand, introverts deplete their energy - when engaging in social situations, then rely on their alone time to recharge.

Despite their quiet presence in the workplace, introverts are in fact the majority, according to numerous studies. In fact, about 40 percent of high-powered executives describe themselves as introverts, including prominent leaders like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and even President Obama. Organizations can and should cater to introverts’ needs by providing training that allows them to learn in their alone time while still gaining new skills.


Taking Advantage of Online Training

Virtual environments, offering an immersive online experience with custom learning paths, are a wonderful option for organizations that want to implement training that works for both introverts and extroverts. Tools like our Virtual Learning Environment platform allow companies to create engaging, highly effective training and certification programs that employees can access on their own time. Trainers can quickly and easily build webcast sessions and develop content-rich courses that ultimately accelerate learning.

Our survey found employees rated interesting and engaging content as the most important feature of professional training. In fact, more than two thirds of respondents said they would choose to participate in more training if it were more interactive and engaging. By incorporating multimedia tools like video, quizzes and Q&A sessions into online training sessions, trainers can encourage employee engagement and promote employee retention.

Employee Training Participation

For example, with quizzes, employers can require learners to answer a specific number of questions correctly in order to pass or move on to the next course - ensuring core concepts are understood. A live Q&A makes it possible for learners to clarify questions and deepen their understanding in real-time. This online submission process is especially ideal for those introverts who may feel less comfortable asking questions in front of larger groups. Perhaps most importantly to introverts, online training allows them to engage in training whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

By offering a mix of training that appeals to both introverts and extroverts, companies can support their different employees and realize the full benefits offering training.

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