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Event Recap: Leveraging Enterprise Video to Increase Engagement

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 10:45
Enterprise Video to Increase Engagement

West’s Unified Communications Services is hitting the road for a four-city, invitation-only networking tour. With stops in Houston, Boston, Denver and Chicago, these events are bringing together marketing, communications, HR and IT professionals, UC thought leaders and industry analysts to discuss enterprise video as a business communications tool and innovations to expect this year.

We hosted Steve Vonder Haar, senior analyst at Wainhouse Research, at our first event in Houston on August 10. He spurred conversations around the benefits and risks involved in adopting enterprise video, how it will be used in the future and how businesses can incorporate it into their day-to-day operations immediately, among other topics.

5 Things to Look at When Evaluating Streaming Video Solutions

One of the major challenges discussed revolved around how to identify the right streaming solution for your company’s current and future needs. During the event, Steve revealed five criteria for evaluating streaming solutions:

1. Doesn’t Harm the Company Network

When it comes to enterprise streaming, many IT executives are worried about overloading the company network. A robust streaming tool should allow IT teams to monitor network performance and manage corporate network traffic, making it easier to prevent bandwidth issues.

2. Ensures Security from All Angles

An enterprise streaming tool must prioritize network security and content security. When looking at a solution, check that implementation does not introduce added vulnerability of the network to outside attacks. A robust solution should also certify that only those with proper authorization are able to see protected content. This better secures your company from both internal and external threats.

3. Creates Content that Looks Good

Fifty-one percent of viewers feel it’s very important for streaming content to have a “broadcast quality” look and feel, according to Wainhouse Research. To deliver high-quality video, a streaming solution needs to be able to capture footage from a suitable venue, ensure solid encoding and transcoding processes, and provide portal or player capabilities.

4. Captures Data for Building Business Insights

Viewership patterns can generate valuable data, but most businesses only harness a fraction of the streaming data they collect. Look for a solution that captures and integrates viewer data into your CRM system. Centralized data provides valuable insight like which prospects to prioritize for follow-ups, if your webinar generated valuable leads, if employees are making training progress, and much more.

5. Incorporates Into Commonly Used Enterprise Solutions

Look for a streaming platform that can integrate and capture content from other enterprise communication tools like video and web-conferencing. This allows employees to grow comfortable with streaming solutions, leading to more widespread adoption down the road.

With enterprise streaming solutions surging in popularity and demand, it’s important organizations look at where the future of streaming technology is headed and closely evaluate potential vendors before investing.

See the full presentation deck from the Houston event.

Streaming Video Deck

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If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage enterprise streaming solutions to increase engagement among your employees, register to attend one of our upcoming tour events on September 14 in Boston, September 19 in Denver or September 21 in Chicago.

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