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6 Tips for Running a Smooth Earnings Call

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 12:00
Earnings Calls

Now that the quarter is behind us, plenty of organizations are prepping to host their earnings calls. In terms of regulatory compliance and media perception, earnings and investor relations events are, arguably, the most important conference calls public organizations participate in; even the slightest technical glitch can create a distraction for the rest of the call.

Earnings calls are meant to highlight an organization's financial performance and projected results, not its technical shortcomings. Here are six conferencing and webcasting technology tips to consider so that your next investor call goes off without a hitch:

1. Make Call Registration Secure and Intuitive

When planning an earnings call, you want to make sure that the most relevant audiences can easily sign up to attend, while still blocking out spam accounts or other suspicious actors. With the right webcasting platform, your investor relations team can set up robust registration pages that capture important attendee information, and provide tight administrative controls to keep your event data secure.

​2. Utilize Professional Concierge Services like Operator Assisted Audio Support

Using professional services let executives focus on their message and not the technology.  Everything from scheduling to moderating and polling can be offloaded to the operator on call. 

3. Deliver High Quality Call Connections at a Global Scale

Most earnings calls attract investors, analysts and media professionals tuning in from different spots around the world. Even the employees who run the call – such as the IR team and the CFO – likely connect from separate offices. As such, organizations should look for globally accessible platforms capable of supporting high quality audio, video and web streams (without complicated software implementations) no matter where a participant may be located. 

4. Keep All Devices in Mind

Just as you can't control where an earnings call attendee connects from, you can't control which device they use. To avoid excluding relevant participants, opt for a conferencing solution that's compatible across desktops, smartphones and tablets alike. Similarly, whichever platform you use should offer a consistent experience regardless of the end user's carrier or operating system.

5. Push for Participant Engagement During the Earnings Call

It's been said before that the traditional earnings call Q&A session could use a makeover. Rather than perpetuate the habit of pre-selecting audience members and sticking to scripted questions, organizations should aim for more meaningful interactions. For instance, webcasting solutions like West UC's  Webcast Pro let participants submit questions or respond to polls in real-time, giving them the chance to guide the discussion rather than be passive listeners.

6. Don't Forget the Follow-up to Your Live Call

It's an established courtesy for organizations to make clear, accurate recordings of their earnings calls available for a period of time after the live event. Archiving incomplete or low-quality audio files defeats the purpose, and can reflect poorly on your business. Make sure that the tool you're using enables automatic transcription and podcasting functionality so that listeners can access the full presentation on-demand.

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