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Whiteboard Fridays: SMB vs Enterprise Unified Communications Needs

Friday, July 14, 2017 - 09:00
SMB vs Enterprise UC


Hi, my name is Marcus Shmidt. I'm the Senior Director of Product at West Unified Communications, and I'd like to welcome you to Whiteboard Fridays. So let's talk about the different needs of enterprise customers, large organizations that go in high rise towers full of glass and steel versus small and mid sized businesses, you know, the smaller organizations that maybe just serve a smaller market. There's some differences in the needs when they come to Unified Communications. But, there are a lot of commonalities, right?

App Integration

Everybody wants a phone that works, everybody wants instant messaging, and presence, and those kinds of things that work. A lot of people want video regardless of the size. There's at least three things. There's probably more, but at least three things that came to mind for me that are the difference between enterprise customers and SMB. The first one is app integration. In a lot of cases these enterprise customers have larger, you know, line of business applications that they run their business on. Big, sophisticated CRM deployments, other kinds of deployments that they use internally to run their business. So enterprise customers are going to be much more interested in making sure that the communications capability can be integrated in with their line of business applications.

API Needs

The other one kind goes hand in hand with that is APIs. So APIs are application programming interfaces. We're gonna talk about APIs in future videos, but basically, APIs are a way to get access to the data in the features of an application without going through the user interface. So instead of going to a website or going to an application and interacting with the user interface, you're interacting programmatically with that same thing. And a lot of businesses have these applications and where we might not have built-in application integration, if we have APIs that means the enterprise customers who typically have more savvy developers and people that can work with APIs can just get access to our data and get access to our features within the application at that API level.

International UC Needs

And then the last one is international. A lot of these bigger enterprise customers have offices outside the U.S. So they have offices in Europe, they have offices in Asia Pacific, they have offices somewhere else. They might only have one or two, but they have offices in a more global sense. Meaning the small and mid-size businesses may inspire to do that, but don't have that need right off the bat.

So these three needs you wanna look for when you talk to any Unified Communications vendor. Fortunately, at West we have those things covered and we'd love to chat with you about how app integration, or APIs, or our international capabilities would fit into your needs if you're an enterprise customer. But if you're an SMB we'd love to chat with you as well. So give us a call.

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