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UC & Retailers: Solving Top Retail Challenges in the Cloud [eBook]

Monday, August 20, 2018 - 10:30
UC in the Cloud

Retailers have a huge impact on our everyday lives. From purchasing life-giving necessities during the weekly grocery trip or satisfying that mid-life crisis with a new sports car, when you stop to think about it, it’s a wonder how we would even get by without them.

Despite recent news of store closures and tariff wars, the retail economy is still booming, with retail sales reaching a record $5.7 Trillion in 2017 according to the U.S. Census. While that is good news for our economy, there are still retail chains struggling with a list of challenges including economic uncertainty and keeping up with customer preferences.

Digital Transformation and its Impact on Retail

Not too long ago, retailers considered digital transformation to be the shift from brick and mortar to “click and mortar” or operating exclusively online. But recent fluctuations in consumer habits have run the gamut – from moving towards an increase in online purchasing to a desire for a more customized and personal in-person experience. And with so much information at their fingertips, consumers often do their price and product research prior to ever making contact with a salesperson or filling out an online order form.

Another obstacle faced by today’s retailers is fighting against the revolving door of personnel, often a result of seasonal shifts in demand as well as a trend towards temporary or casual employment situations. Regardless of the reason (or season!), retail management will prevent lost revenue and promote healthy customer interactions by retaining employees that are engaged, well-trained and happy. To lower attrition rates - and find and keep top talent - research from IDC claims that many companies will develop digital training programs aimed at meeting this goal. And unified communications (UC) tools can help retailers carry out the tasks that comprise these digital cooperatives.

That brings us to our next retail challenge: how evolving technology affects the ability of retail franchise locations to maintain a high level of customer service and experience while attending to logistical and technological challenges along the way. Here again is where UC innovations can help retailers move more easily down the path to digital transformation. In fact, a comprehensive cloud approach to retail business communications can hone in on some of the major challenges the market is facing so that retailers can:

  • Strengthen customer connections with omnichannel communications
  • Provide proactive customer service
  • Connect supply chains across the countries and continents

Solving Modern Retail Challenges in the Cloud: New eBook

In almost every area of the retail sector, technology’s impact is tangible. But retailers have many tools and services available to tackle the obstacles in their way, boosting revenue and improving customer experience at the same time.

Our new eBook, Solving Modern Retail Challenges in the Cloud, can help you understand what you’re up against and rise to the occasion:

  • Understand six top obstacles today’s retailers face
  • Review real-world case studies
  • Get actionable advice for prioritizing customer experience with unified communications as a service (IUCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS)

Download the eBook

Now is the time to get your digital transformation underway to ensure you are there to greet customers and vendors at whatever “door” they choose!