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Restaurant Chain Saves Millions with Unified Communications

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 09:00
Restaurant Chain Saves with UC

Today’s restaurants need to have flexible communications systems in place to handle the ever-growing consumer demand for voice and online orders, in addition to handling onsite customer needs. Flexibility, reliability and cost-savings are some of the reasons why the North American unified communications (UC) market is on target to reach $11.4 billion by 2020. Specific to UC and the restaurant industry, a recent case study documents how West's hosted voice solution, VoiceMaxx CE, was able to deliver simplicity, consistency and significant cost savings to a restaurant chain spanning over 400 locations.

The Problem: A Disjointed and Cumbersome Telephony System

When the restaurant chain management and West teams began their partnership, they were dealing with a unified communications configuration consisting of a complicated mesh of over 400 PBX systems spread across many locations, with separate contracts for each. The existing setup was very difficult to manage across 35 different states. The company had overprovisioned its equipment and overspent the communications budget by millions.

Outdated Telephony Systems

Cost of the Restaurant's UC System Without West

Here is a breakdown of the equipment and services in place at each restaurant location - and what it was costing the company:

  • 8 Phones
  • 10 analog lines
  • Long distance
  • Phone Maintenance

Total cost to the company = $3.57 Million per Year

The Solution: A Highly Flexible, Hosted, Enterprise Voice Platform from West

West’s team of experts were able to assess the organization’s setup, site-by-site, to create a customized solution that would suit the individual needs of each restaurant location. The result was a solution package that eliminated the over-provisioning of services and equipment – saving the company millions! West’s design engineers noticed that a unique DID was not a requirement for every phone in every restaurant; neither was voicemail or call recording. As a result, they were able to implement West’s VoiceMaxx CE environment at each building, with just two to three fully-equipped analog lines possessing its own unique DIDs. With this configuration in place, West was able to not only meet, but exceed, each location’s requirements.

Cost of the Restaurant's UC System With West:

  • VoiceMaxx CE
  • 8 Cisco handsets
  • 2 analog lines
  • Long distance
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • 24/7/365 Support

Total cost to the company = Less than $1.5 Million per Year

VoiceMaxx CE is a highly flexible, hosted enterprise voice platform that combines advanced PBX functionality, comprehensive call management tools and unmatched client support – all over an integrated Cisco UC and collaboration experience. In addition to sophisticated inbound and outbound call handling, VoiceMaxx CE also can include other channels of communication such as Cisco Jabber for IM and Presence, as well as softphone functionality.

Standard features of VoiceMaxx CE also include options for mobility like find-me/ follow-me, plus unified voicemail-to-email, and company directory access. This full-featured hosted voice product can also merge with Cisco Webex Teams in the form of Cisco Webex Teams Hybrid, for team collaboration capabilities. It can even integrate with other Cisco-based services like Webex, and CMR systems like Salesforce - as well as communication solutions from both Google and Microsoft – handling the bulk of communication needs.

VoiceMaxx CE Benefits

The West Difference

West's technical experts used a detail-oriented approach to generate a complete assessment geared toward environmental readiness at each and every location, prior to launch. With the proper planning and deployment, this restaurant group and its IT team are now reaping the rewards of a simple, cost-effective and flexible solution for its communication challenges.

Simplified Solution and Savings with West

  • Over 400+ Locations
  • 1 Vendor
  • 1 Contract
  • 1 Solution
  • 1 Number to call for 24 support and ongoing phone maintenance 

$2.1 Million in Annual Savings

Regardless of your business’s industry vertical, it’s easy to see how hosted voice communications solutions from West can work for you. We have comprehensive and fully-featured product options that can be customized to fit each branch location - while unifying all locations - at a fraction of the cost of premises-based systems. Partner with us today to discover and implement the ideal hosted voice solution for your organization.

Savings with West

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