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Migrating to Unified Communications Best Practices

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 15:30
UC Migration Best Practices

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Sometimes the difference between a successful Unified Communications deployment and a truly transformative change to the organization lies in the use of just a few best practices. At West Unified Communications Services, we’ve had the privilege of accompanying many different organizations down this potentially daunting path toward a fully realized UC deployment.

3 Best Practices for a Successful Migration to Unified Communications

Here are three practices, that when implemented with a partner like West, can help make your travels down the UC migration path feel a bit more like a relaxed summer stroll.

1. Consider a Comprehensive UC Strategy

One practice involves the consideration of a comprehensive UC strategy, which incorporates real-time collaboration applications that advance productivity, while minimizing communication costs.

As a result, we advise from the beginning to include voice, video, data, mobile integration, and IM, as well as audio/video/web conferencing in your solution. The usage of any one tool tends to increase when presented as part of a larger suite of tools.

2. Tackle Communications Process Improvement from the Start

Another best practice, when opting for a high impact Unified Communications strategy, considers business process improvement to be a key objective from the outset, not as something to tackle later (if at all).

High performing clients follow UC/VoIP trends and leverage the huge opportunity to review the ways in which alternative communications channels can positively impact their business-critical processes. That includes both internal processes and those directly impacting customers as well. In either case, you’ll have an opportunity to provide your organization with a source of significant, lasting, competitive advantage.

3. Choose your Members Wisely

A final practice to look at, once IT is done kicking the tires, involves deploying UC to members of the organization and/or those business units that have the greatest opportunity for productivity gains.

The desire for employees to use this technology will often spread organically throughout the organization. Likewise, don’t neglect the need for training; and be sure to communicate the ways in which the user will be able to most effectively use the technology in their daily work life.

These are just three of the best practices that I’ve seen clients implement over the years. One major advantage our clients have had when partnering with West UC for their UC migrations is that we have guided many high achieving organizations smoothly down the path towards a successful UC migration. Let us help your team adopt the practices that make the most sense for your organization’s migration to Unified Communications.

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