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How UCaaS and Collaboration Fuels Business Growth

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 10:15
UCaaS & Collaboration

Businesses are continually looking for ways to grow and ultimately increase profits. Here’s the trick: discovering and making the tweaks to internal processes that can make a real impact on the business and help it to thrive. A critical change companies implement through this process is deploying Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and collaboration tools to fuel business growth. These are some measurable ways that UCaaS and collaboration can impact your organization’s bottom line and help to cultivate your business.

UCaaS Makes the World Smaller for Big Business

While international travel is still a staple of conducting business interactions and transactions, the need for it has been reduced by dwindling travel budgets and the availability of UCaaS tools. Unified Communications solutions allow business meetings to take place through a variety of means, surpassing geographical boundaries and travel budgets. For instance, employees across corporate retail branches might share dedicated lines and voicemail to act as a single presence to their customers and collaborate with one another. UCaaS could also be implemented to unify international health care locations for collaboration on patient treatments and administrative standards. Not only do these types of UCaaS solutions build and grow your business or organization, they also help to save time and money, increasing efficiencies and profits.

UCaaS Helps your Mobile Workforce Drive up Sales

By the end of 2020, IDC claims that mobile workers will make up almost 75% of the total US workforce. As such, remote workers will be able to maximize the time spent on work tasks from virtually any location – whether from home or while travelling. UCaaS and collaboration tools can provide the means with which these kinds of users (soon to be the workforce majority) can execute their job functions through various devices and interfaces.

For example, UCaaS tools like Mobile Connect from West, allow calls to be taken on a desk phone or soft phone and transferred to a mobile phone or device – to continue a conference call while travelling to another location. And with the prevalence of Wi-Fi availability, even in today’s vehicles, UCaaS products also enable remote users to attend a video or web conference while waiting in line at the Starbucks drive through, or in the pick-up line at school. With UCaaS and collaboration products extending and flexing the work day and providing communication tools that work 24/7, companies can conduct more business - across time zones and work shifts – resulting in an increase in closed deals and business sales.

UCaaS Helps Unify Teams to Achieve Better Results

To keep work teams running like a well-oiled machine, they require the ability to collaborate simultaneously on shared documents and to stay current on team projects. UCaaS and collaboration tools allow team members to review and make changes to documents, spreadsheets, presentations and project models to keep everyone on the same page and up-to-date on the latest project status. As business models change, departments and organizational teams can be trained as a group using UCaaS, so the team stays cohesive. If everyone in the group has the same tools and knowledge to complete their job tasks, companies as a whole run more efficiently, leading to more timely decisions; resulting in greater growth.

UCaaS Enhances Workflow Integration

Similar to how UCaaS can unify teams, it can also help integrate workflows used amongst teams. For instance, a workflow could be developed that takes caller ID information and routes the call from a particular customer to the correct sales department. And as the call is routing, the UCaaS solution triggers an API that integrates with the company’s ERP system to display the purchaser’s last order and pertinent information about the customer.

Another example of the impact UCaaS can have on unifying workflows is through UCaaS products like Cisco Webex Board. This product is a comprehensive solution that combines wireless presentation, digital whiteboards and conferencing accessible through a one-touch system. Integrating these kinds of collaboration tools into daily processes increases team productivity, resulting in simplified workflows which leads to business prosperity.

UCaaS Fosters World-class Customer Support

The majority of business owners would agree that handling customer issues in a timely and effective manner is the main goal of any businesses’ customer service department. To accomplish this goal, companies require tools that can increase issue resolution. UCaaS contact center solutions – like West’s Cloud Contact Center CE – help to meet this goal by giving qualified agents access to real-time chat, email, voice and video products. Organizations can also take advantage of the monitoring, custom dashboards and reporting tools offered in UCaaS solutions that provide the data necessary to increase customer satisfaction.

The ways that UCaaS and collaboration can positively nurture your business are plentiful. UCaaS can turn a global workforce into a homogeneous team, supporting a dispersed customer-base on a unified platform. It can also give a continually-growing mobile workforce the tools it needs to work more efficiently. UCaaS and collaboration solutions ensure that team members stay current on project and program updates, and are provided the same shared data to review and utilize. These kinds of communication products improve workflows across the organization, resulting in improved results. And using UCaaS guarantees that your company is well represented by the employees interfacing directly with customers; arming them with communication tools aimed at 100% customer satisfaction.


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