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10 Signs Enterprises Need Unified Communications

Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 11:15
Enterprise Global Unified Communications

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Unified Communications are the enterprise’s lifeline in today’s business environment where speed, flexibility and clear communication can make or break the bottom line. But how do you know that your enterprise is ready for a true unified communications strategy?

Whether it’s your network infrastructure, how it’s managed, or how your employees can access their critical communications, like voice messages, email or faxes, West Unified Communications Services can customize a cloud based, unified communications system that will keep your enterprise on the move.

What are Unified Communications?

So what are Unified Communications (UC), anyway? UC takes real-time applications like instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing, and interactive data and desktop sharing, etc. and merges them with deferred communication services like email, fax, SMS, and voicemail. UC is basically a suite of products working together to provide a consistent – and enhanced – user experience across a multitude of media interfaces.

Unified Communications Definition

Unified IP Communications can transform an enterprise, providing employees all the tools they need to work effectively and empowering them to communicate, collaborate, and securely access applications wherever and whenever needed.

Is your enterprise ready for Unified Communications?

West UC has been helping enterprises transition to Unified IP Communications for fifteen years, and while no two companies are identical, we’ve found the transition makes sense if you are experiencing one or more of the following business scenarios:

1. Short on Staff, High on Demand? Unified Communications Can Help.

Staff cuts, attrition, and skills gaps in an IT department can have a profound impact on an enterprise’s ability to maintain quality service for voice, data, and video.

When an enterprise is struggling to maintain multiple technology platforms, manage multiple vendors, and deploy disparate communications services, the move to Unified IP communications can make sense. West UC provides fully managed, cloud-based solutions that free an enterprise IT staff from the day-to-day headaches of managing communications infrastructure and services.

2. Adding or Moving an Office? Here’s How Unified Communications Fit In.

Opening a new location or moving into new facilities often creates a perfect opportunity to step back and take a closer look at your communications infrastructure. With the right Unified Communications solution from West UC, you can avoid or reduce potential expenses, like interoffice communications operating costs, while delivering a consistent set of services across the enterprise.

3. UC Solutions Help Manage Multiple Service Provider Contracts.

Managing and maintaining multiple carrier contracts can be a drain on corporate resources. When one or more contracts are due to expire – or you simply wish to simplify your carrier relationships – it presents an excellent opportunity for an organization to make the move to Unified Communications. West UC provides a one-bill, one-vendor solution with nationwide service delivery.

4. You Have Recently Undergone a Merger or Acquisition.

After a merger or acquisition, it is common for an enterprise to be faced with maintaining multiple communications networks and systems. In most cases, the sheer cost of maintaining these networks is reason enough to look towards a Unified Communications solution.

West UC can deliver a single, scalable communications infrastructure that can meet the communications needs of each location, no matter the size.

5. Unified Communication Give Huge Advantage When Divesting a Business Unit.

When companies are looking to divest themselves of a business group or division, the task of separating out corporate data and communications networks can be daunting.

In many cases, the simplest approach is to replace the current infrastructure in its entirety and start fresh with a fully-managed solution that can be deployed without heavy capital investment and with minimal impact on the day-to-day running of the business.

6. Outdated Existing Equipment? Get a new Unified Communications Solution.

As enterprises continue to develop and expand, many find themselves constrained by the limitations of their traditional PBX or key systems. A Unified IP communications solution can offer a far greater degree of flexibility and scale than traditional PBX systems.

West UC is experienced in finding the correct solution to meet your needs – whether utilizing various trunking methods, implementing a fully hosted solution, or crafting a hybrid solution created specifically for your organization.

7. UC Solutions Help Grow and Improve Your Customer Contact Center.

Organizations with legacy contact center systems often find that – their call volume is capped, their abandon rate is high (and increasing) and their bottom line is negatively impacted – three significant problems for any enterprise. The capabilities provided by an IP-based communications solution, like West UC, provide a scalable, powerful infrastructure that removes those limitations.

Moreover, West UC delivers a hosted contact center application, ControlMaxx, that intelligently routes calls to reduce holding times and provides levels of monitoring, recording, and analysis unavailable in traditional systems.

8. Service or Equipment Outages Could Signal Time for New UC Solution.

When your communications network hinders your ability to interact with your customers and employees, either through unreliable equipment or frequent service outages, your enterprise’s reputation is on the line. Dealing with multiple vendors and carriers during these times can result in endless finger pointing and significant IT resource drain. With a Unified Communications solution from West UC, you have access to services that are deployed on an industry-leading technology platform, delivering a consistent quality of service, paired with a skilled support team and which are managed by a single vendor, simplifying communications during unforeseen, service-impacting events..

9. Build a Better Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan with UC Solution.

For many enterprises, the move to an IP-based communications infrastructure is driven by a need to enhance Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities. Unified IP communications provide redundancy and failover capabilities unavailable in traditional systems.

West UC works with every client during the implementation process to create a solid business continuity/disaster recovery plan, which can restore and protect critical enterprise communications should a disaster occur.

10. Accommodate Remote Workers with a New Unified Communications Solution.

Some enterprises find themselves in need of an IP-based Unified Communications solution, but struggle to find a single carrier that can reach all remote business locations. This can lead to increased operational expenses and/or limited service at some locations. Because West UC uses a nationwide network, your remote locations no longer have to appear remote.

In many cases, West UC can provide Unified Communications to enterprises that could not get service, even from the largest carriers in the country. That’s a part of the West UC difference.

Make The Transition With West Unified Communications Services

If one or more of the conditions above apply to your business, it may be time for your enterprise to consider Unified IP Communications from West UC. For over a decade, we’ve been helping enterprises harness the power of Unified Communications.

West Leader in UC

We built the infrastructure and designed an integrated suite of services specifically for enterprises that need to extend IP communications to hundreds – if not thousands – of employees, in multiple geographic locations. A flexible service model, highly evolved operations, a consultative business approach, and a powerful client interface come together to define West UC as the industry leader in enterprise Unified IP Communications.

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