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Make Call Routing Work for You and Your Customers

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 09:45
Call Routing Strategy

A good call routing strategy benefits everyone. It increases first contact resolution, helps in delivering great customer service, and improves agent productivity. Call routing is a fundamental aspect of your contact center strategy, but so often companies just don’t get it right.

Do you make call routing as efficient as possible for customers? Do you ensure the customer is not forced to repeat themselves? Is your call flow logical?

Connecting customers to the right agent the first time and providing a swift resolution to the inquiry is always going to yield a far better customer experience than waiting on hold, call transfers and dead ends. Here are a few things that can make call routing more successful.

Skills-based Call Routing Gets People Where They Need to Go

Skills-based agent routing ensures that callers are greeted by an agent who is best suited to handle the call, and that they get to that agent in the shortest amount of time possible. By assigning skills and abilities to each agent, whether based on product knowledge, languages spoken, campaign type, etc., you can quickly connect customers with the most appropriate team member, greatly increasing the chance of first contact resolution.

Skills-based routing isn’t limited by your agents’ physical locations. No matter where in the world they're are located, even when working from home, if they are best equipped to handle a call then that call will be routed directly to them.

Your IVR can be configured to assist with skills-based routing or you can even set up different numbers for different products and services to help route calls.

Improve Outcomes with Agent CLI Service

​While it would be fantastic if every outbound call resulted in the desired outcome, in reality it often requires multiple communications and follow up calls in order to achieve a desired result. With an Agent CLI service, agents can develop a more personal relationship with customers. This feature allocates a dedicated direct dial number to each agent so that any return calls from customers are routed and queued directly to that agent.

In addition, outbound calls to the customer will display the same personal Caller Line ID for that agent. This increases answer rates and builds upon that personal relationship, helping to get to the final call goal even faster.

CRM Integration for the Win

Another weapon in your armory for call routing success is intelligent or “data-directed” routing where your CRM system data is factored into the routing process. For example, a customer with an overdue delivery could be routed to the shipping department. A customer with an active complaint could be routed directly to a supervisor. Or a customer with an overdue bill could be routed to a collections team.

Just as you should ensure that customer service is consistent across all staff and across all channels, you should ensure that your CRM integration helps to provide a 360 degree view of the customer for even better results.

Get Your Caller Priorities Straight

You can set up priority or VIP customers to be identified from their caller ID and routed appropriately. Again, it’s also good practice to route the calls to the last agent that they dealt with to build the relationship and to prevent the customer from having to repeat themselves.

Is Your Contact Center Service (and Provider) Up to the Challenge?

There are many ways that call routing strategies can save time, improve outcomes, and help deliver great customer service. Make sure your contact center software offers the right mix of features to deliver a superior customer service experience.

But just as important, you should make sure you receive the personalized support you need. At West, our dedicated Success Managers work with each and every one of our customers on an ongoing basis to help maximize the effectiveness of their call routing and contact center strategy. And it’s a service that’s included free of charge.  

To learn more about how to make call routing work for you and your customers, reach out to one of our experts using the form on the right side of this page.

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