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Hosted PBX Drives Responsiveness & Productivity

Thursday, July 9, 2015 - 15:45
Hosted PBX Productivity

IT and Communications Managers are often tasked with lowering both capital expenses and operational costs.  This is because these departments are often viewed exclusively as cost centers.  However, when the proper technology and communications tools are put into place, many working efficiencies can be gained.  In fact, implementing the right tools can improve productivity in the workplace and in turn, yield greater responsiveness to your clients and vendors.

Why Hosted PBX

One viable solution available to today’s enterprises that can be implemented to achieve these goals is a Hosted PBX VoIP system. The Hosted PBX is a cost-effective solution for a traditional phone system and offers many benefits for corporate communications.  So what are some of the specific aspects of a virtual PBX that help to improve responsiveness and productivity in the workplace?

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Responsiveness and productivity come to a screeching halt if the enterprise communications systems are down.  Using a cloud-based Hosted PBX gives organizations reliability, redundancy, and minimized interruptions in available communications services.  When traditional systems fail, it is unlikely that there are any failover capabilities in place, due to prohibitive cost factors.

Hosted PBX systems have built in redundancy across duplicate equipment, and when integrated with this type of communications infrastructure, the chance for lost productivity is reduced to almost 0%.  Business continuity tools like Disaster Recovery and Survivability (DRS) from West Unified Communications ensure that productivity will continue – even in the event of a disaster.  DRS is designed to work even in Avaya and Cisco IP-PBX environments, providing complete redundancy for SIP trunking customers as well.

Unified Communications Tools

Another part of the Hosted PBX experience, Unified Communications tools help to harness the power of enterprise employee teams, to enable improvements in speed, agility, and effectiveness. For example, utilizing web and video conferencing tools can allow employees to engage with others in meaningful and productive ways.  Many of today’s working groups are spread out geographically, across different time zones.  But with powerful meeting and collaboration tools, business can be conducted and concluded from just about anywhere there’s an internet or mobile connection.

Sharing data and presence information in real-time ensures that interoffice business gets handled in a timely manner, without an unnecessary delay in communications time.  Through solutions like Cisco Jabber and AMP, employees can connect with who they want, when they want, and exchange the information required – all without sacrificing performance or security.

Softphones and Mobile Forwarding

One facet of Hosted PBX systems that assist with meeting cost containment and productivity objectives is the implementation of softphones.  A softphone is a piece of software that allows the user to make telephone calls over the Internet via a computer.  This tool offers flexibility for office employees that are traveling or find themselves offsite for large portions of the day.  It allows users to stay connected to office communications tools through a variety of devices, so they are able to follow-up quickly and efficiently on daily tasks.

As indicated by a recent Frost & Sullivan survey of over 1000 IT decision makers, softphones are gaining in popularity as a viable productivity tool, with over half of those polled indicating they have already deployed software phones in their enterprises across their desktop computers and mobile devices.  

The study also found that the use of this tool allowed workers to perform their jobs more efficiently and productively, giving them better overall job satisfaction.  Companies can often find Hosted PBX vendor offerings that include softphone clients; many that can interweave with enterprise PBX systems.

Moreover, implementing other software-based tools like West Unified Communications’ Mobile Connect for an enterprise’s mobile workforce, allows them to take full advantage of all Hosted PBX outbound calling features, such as: access to company directories; 4-digit on-net dialing; low-cost international calling; and, touch screen access for voicemail retrieval.  Mobile Connect provides users with a unified desktop/mobile number, so customers and vendors can reach their enterprise contact on one number, regardless of the day or time.

Contact Center Tools

Implementing a Hosted PBX contact center can facilitate better responsiveness and increased productivity in many ways.  As indicated in a recent article from TMCnet, Hosted PBX contact centers can offer better features and services like: routing; queuing; recording; quality assurance; and, customer relationship management (CRM) integration.  

Furthermore, these tools can help improve responsiveness by enabling employees to reply to customers’ inquiries through many more avenues: inbound and outbound calls; texts; instant messaging; and, social media sites.

As most would agree, the customer is number one, and you want to make each customer feel that way.  Today’s contact center can be designed with the features listed above to enable voice and data integration with its enterprise business applications. When combined with intelligent call routing, customers can always expect fast, knowledgeable service.

Cloud-based contact centers can also improve agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and business agility. By employing skilled and experienced agents – based anywhere and from any location in the world to help handle the call volume – company employees are able to gain flexibility that allows them to devote more of their time to tasks focusing on the success of the enterprise.

Striving to balance exceptional quality of service and meaningful productivity, today’s Hosted PBX contact center needs to employ sophisticated call-routing options to keep call-flow streamlined across geographically distributed centers and agents.  

This ensures callers get to the best resources, the first time. Additionally, allowing administrators transparent access to queues and agent activity, along with the ability to manipulate traffic, in real time, will help improve call answer times, thus improving overall productivity.

For companies that are looking to improve their responsiveness and increase their productivity, a Hosted PBX may be the answer.  These systems allow your enterprise to stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and enhance business operations, to meet the evolving needs of your clients.

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