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Contact Center Wallboards: What Info Works Best?

Monday, June 13, 2016 - 09:15
Contact Center Wallboards

The Best Information to Display on Your Contact Center Wallboards

Wallboards are a familiar tool used in many contact centers. They’re a visual means to display real-time calling stats, KPI information, and call center goals against actuals. But what is the best information to display on your contact center wallboards?

Get Creative with Your Contact Center Wallboards

Wallboards can be a great tool to assist with agent management within a contact center. You can use them to display helpful key performance indicators (KPIs) such as service levels and calls waiting. 

The problem with only displaying this type of information is lack of engagement with your audience, and losing site of the bigger picture. It’s important to strike the right balance between relevant details and attention-grabbing information.

Wallboards provide an excellent means to communicate with your agents beyond the basic analytics. From company information like profit and turnover, to the smaller but more personalized things like celebrations and birthdays, wallboards can encompass a more complete and engaging view into day-to-day business. The challenge then becomes finding the right mix for your company, so that agents have the information they need as well as the things that help improve morale and boost team spirit. 


So What Is the Best Information for Contact Center Wallboards?

That depends on you and your company. Perhaps you contact center KPI display includes calls waiting, longest call queuing or repeat calls for the day. Alongside that more traditional wallboard information, you might then include service levels from within other departments, general company updates, or specials in the employee cafeteria.

During the morning, you can display calls waiting and service levels, and then switch things up midday to focus on internal communications. Sometime later in the afternoon, you could put up traffic updates so agents know what their drive home is looking like. With a cloud, you’ll have greater flexibility and more options for configuring wallboards to creatively meet your unique needs.

Pitfalls to Avoid with Your Call Center Wallboards

Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Avoid cramming too much detail on your wallboard just because you can. Keep it simple, relevant and easy to understand so that agents don’t lose interest.

Consider where your wallboards are. Most managers will likely want real-time KPIs, but this may not be the best data for your agents. If managers are using personalized dashboards on their portable devices, it removes the need for them to have this beamed out to everyone.

The Best Wallboards Incorporate Business Goals and Agent Needs  

Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of the dashboard?” Is it more than just a tool to get advisors to take more calls? Is it a mechanism to communicate with and motivate your staff? And remember, if agents aren’t looking at it, then you’re not reaching your target audience.

As multichannel and omni-channel continue to grow, you may find that the traditional call waiting-type of metrics are no longer sufficient for your contact center. It’s worth reviewing your wallboards every few months for relevance and priorities.

There's no right or wrong way of using them. It really comes down to your business goals and the culture of your team.

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