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7 Key Features of Salesforce CRM Integration in Contact Centers

Monday, October 2, 2017 - 13:45
Saleforce CRM Integration with Contact Centers

CRM integration can yield some pretty serious benefits within the contact center. Most notably, CRM integration can:

  • Eliminate toggling between apps and browsers, saving time for agents and the customers alike and creating a better overall experience
  • Improve KPIs like first contact resolution (FCR) and average handling time (AHT) by making needed data available quickly
  • Provide a vital connection between marketing and customer service channels with integrated data yielding improved record-keeping and reporting

If you’re considering a cloud contact solution with Salesforce CRM integration, here are some key features to look for:

1. Screen Pop

A Screen Pop provides valuable customer insight when an incoming call is matched to a record in Salesforce. It gives easy access to account details, eliminating the need to customer to answer mundane questions repeatedly. If there is no record matched, the screen pop allows the agent to create new contact.

2. Click to Dial

Click to dial simplifies the outbound calling process by placing clickable icons on the agent’s screen next to a contact’s phone number. Just click the icon and the call is automatically placed.

Salesforce Click to Dial

3. Call Logging

Call logging automatically logs calls or chats in activity history as a completed task.

4.  Client Detail Widget

An easy to use widget makes toggling back and forth between screens obsolete; make edits, change settings, access call logs and drill down into call details from within Salesforce.

Salesforce CTI

5. Comment Capture Field

Insert comments in the open text field so that details from the call can be captured and saved for future reference.

Salesforce CRM Comment Capture

6. Persistent Login

Persistent login allows agents to sign in once and then stay logged in anytime they’re logged into the CRM.

7. Ease of Deployment

Easy to deploy, Salesforce CRM integration involves just a quick download and then immediately begin adding users from directly within Salesforce.

Salesforce Ease of Deployment

In addition to looking for these key features, make sure that the integration capabilities work whether you’re running Classic Salesforce or the Salesforce Lightning experience.

West has a portfolio of cloud contact center options that can meet the needs of any call center – inbound, outbound, blended or multichannel – so reach out to one of our contact center experts to see what’s right for you.

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