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4 Ways to Increase Outbound Contact Center Connection Rates

Monday, December 12, 2016 - 10:30
Contact Center Connection Rates

While the evolution of the contact center, with its move towards the omnichannel customer service environment and the rise of the tech-savvy mobile consumer, generates a lot of coverage within the contact center industry, outbound campaigns and predictive dialing software still have a huge part to play within the contact center environment.

It’s of vital importance that call center managers and other key personnel understand the driving forces that can make or break outbound operations. The most crucial task is to maximize connection rates. To a certain extent outbound dialing is a numbers game but there are many ways to increase the chances of success.

1. Use Mobile Screening Technology to Drive Up Outbound Call Center Connections

If you are calling out to high volumes of mobile numbers, which is increasingly the case these days, be aware that typically one out of every three mobiles is either off, roaming or unavailable. The patented mobile number screening technology in West Cloud Contact Pro can intelligently establish the status of mobiles before any dialing attempts are even made, meaning that our predictive dialing system will not even attempt to call any mobiles that are off, unavailable or roaming.

Instead, calls are put into the queue for calling once they do become available. Since no time is spent calling mobiles that are not going to successfully connect, overall connection rates to mobiles are driven up significantly – sometimes by as much as a 40%.

2. Use Mobile and Local Number Presentation Features to Increase Answer Rates

Make sure you’re also using features such as mobile and local number presentation. Instead of displaying unfamiliar prefixes to the dialed party, the system presents a caller ID that is local to the number being dialed. Or, if calling a mobile number, then you can dynamically present a mobile number. 

Local number presentation gives perception of local presence and increases answer rates – typically by 35% or more. It also more than doubles the rate of call backs received. Since the customer has called at a time that is convenient to them they will be far more receptive to talking. And customers who call you are typically five times more likely to convert.


3. Make Call-Backs Easy for Customers

Assigning individual caller IDs for your agents will ensure that they receive their own individual call backs. This also improves the customer experience because the call will be answered by the agent who has prior history with the customer or who has the correct skillset. Don't forget that once you've made the connection, personalization is key for improving customer service.

You should also maximize the number of call backs that come back in too. If you're using mobile and local number presentation, you are making sure that the customer is not out of pocket for calling back as these numbers will usually be included within their mobile plan minutes for mobiles or landline package for local numbers.

4. Use Reporting to Get to Know Your Customer’s Preferences and Habits

Within your reports and dashboards, you’ll have access to a wealth of information that can be used to impact campaign success. Consider changes to the campaign hours or agent shift patterns so that dialing better aligns with peak connection times. You can check conversion rates and connection rates to establish any patterns. In order to maximize success you need to call not only at a time when calls will be answered, but also when your target audience is most likely to be in buying mode.

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