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4 Reasons You Need CRM Integration in the Contact Center

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 11:15
CRM Contact Center Integration

If you’ve ever tried to join up an on-premises contact center solution with your CRM, chances are you’ve thrown your hands up in frustration and perhaps even given up. The struggle (to unite disparate systems) is real. But there’s no doubt that having a single view of the customer, where your contact center solution is embedded within your CRM interface and call data is connected to a customer’s record, is increasingly important.

If you’re not yet leveraging CRM integration in your call center, here are four reasons you should reconsider your approach:

1. Merge Marketing with the Contact Center

With marketing and the contact center becoming progressively entwined, CRM integration is vital for bridging that connection and it makes valuable call center data available to marketers.

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2. Make Your Agents Happy

If your agents are going back and forth between screens to get the full customer picture, then a cloud contact center solution could yield big benefits by piecing this all together. You can eliminate the toggling between apps with an integrated widget, screen pops and click to dial functionality.

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3. Improve your KPIs

With all customer data quickly at hand when an incoming call is connected, you’ll see average handling times (AHT) decrease and first contact resolution (FCR) rise. Combined with tracking of other key data, you’ll be able track, test and tweak your operations for peak performance.

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4. Improve the Customer Experience and Reduce Customer Frustration

By giving agents the information they need to address issues quickly, your callers won’t need to spend time relaying basic data. Agents will have the caller’s account information at hand and can see what previous actions were taken in the account.

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CRM integration seems like a no-brainer solution for improving the customer journey and increasing customer satisfaction, yet there’s plenty of call centers out there that haven’t made the leap. Change is hard – especially for on-premises contact center solutions! But with an agile cloud contact center solution, CRM integration is a breeze. And it’s even better when it’s built in, free and easy to implement. What are you waiting for?

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