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3 Reasons to Use Web Chat as a Customer Service Channel

Monday, April 17, 2017 - 11:15
Web Chat Customer Service

Web chat use within the contact center has seen a rise in popularity when it comes to resolving issues or finding quick answers. Customers appreciate the speed and ease of use that it offers in comparison to other channels. It also eliminates common call frustrations such as hold times or annoying IVR systems (not that IVRs are inherently annoying!). In fact, it’s often cited as a cause of frustration if the chat option doesn’t exist.

Here are a few reasons to consider adding this channel to your contact center along with strategies that can help encourage its uptake among customers who haven’t yet made the switch to web chat or who lack confidence.

1. Much Faster Speed of Response to Customer Questions

Speed is essential when it comes to making chat work. It needs to be clear to the customer that an agent is available and free to take their question. If you prioritize chat in your call queues, that should subsequently influence your customer’s behavior.

2. Allows for Real-Time Personalization

Chat allows you to personalize and proactively offer chat prompts to customers who are logged in. With intelligent data look ups you can offer pre-emptive customer service through relevant and timely prompts. If customers have an existing order, then offer pertinent details such as delivery date or order status. Customers respond more favorably to personalized service.

3. Pop Ups Can Offer Help Before the Customers Know They Need It 

are often used as a way of promoting the chat facility; just be mindful of how and when these are used. Rather than encouraging users, they can sometimes seem annoying or intrusive. A/B split testing can help determine effectiveness. Consider offering chat just at certain parts of the customer journey or if the customer is showing behaviors that might lead to an abandoned shopping cart.

Using rule based triggers, you can push the chat function at key times to help the customer rather than using blanket pop-ups. Base this on things like total number of pages viewed, or certain key pages visited such as ‘help’ or ‘FAQ’. Alternatively, retailers might want to trigger the chat box after a set time if there are still items in the shopping basket or if the customer has jumped to other pages outside of the checkout.


In the contact center, web chat offers a powerful customer service tool. Within Cloud Contact Pro’s web chat feature, agents can dynamically switch to other channels, like a phone call, should the need arise.

More and more customers prefer to use live chat while on a website rather than being forced to navigate call center menus or wait in call queues. Having instant accessibility on your customer's own terms breeds trust and confidence in your brand, thereby helping to ensure happy customers and repeat business.

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