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Whiteboard Fridays: Comparing Hosted Voice Solutions - VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling vs. VoiceMaxx CE

Friday, February 14, 2020 - 09:30
Comparing Hosted Voice Solutions

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions come in all different shapes and sizes today. For decision makers, this means more choices to evaluate when looking for the right solution to meet business objectives. At Intrado, we like to begin this process by looking at a customer’s calling or hosted voice requirements, as these solutions are often described as the backbone of a UCaaS tool.

In today’s episode of Whiteboard Fridays we compare two of our hosted voice tools: VoiceMaxx Cisco Edition (CE) with VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling, and present four qualifying questions to help determine which solution is best suited to your business.

Four Questions to Determine which Intrado VoiceMaxx Hosted Voice Solution is Right for your Business

1. What size is your business?

The first thing to consider when evaluating a hosted voice solution is the size of your business and how many users or seats the solution will need to support.

VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling is a Cisco-hosted solution with enterprise-grade features, designed specifically to meet the calling needs of small to midsized organizations. With robust capabilities, VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling provides instant access to data, tools and people, enabling anytime, anywhere collaboration.

For enterprise and large enterprise businesses, VoiceMaxx CE provides a combination of features and benefits that improve collaboration and efficiency. Hosted in Intrado’s datacenters, VoiceMaxx CE delivers a highly flexible solution that supports various communication methods.

2. How do you want to connect to the solution? 

VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling is delivered over the top, meaning customers connect to the solution over their existing broadband infrastructure, which can present a more cost-effective option for smaller firms that do not have a dedicated MPLS network.

Medium to large-sized businesses that have multiple locations will find value in VoiceMaxx CE, which can be delivered either via MPLS network, such as Intrado’s Maxxis solution, or via SD-WAN. SD-WAN uses a software-based approach and supports multiple connection types from MPLS and broadband to LTE, making it a good option for larger businesses with more diverse needs.

3. Where are you doing business?

VoiceMaxx CE is a global solution, ideal for organizations that are currently doing business across multiple geographic regions or have plans to expand in the future. VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling, on the other hand, is ideal for organizations that operate within a single region or nation.

4. What is your current environment like?   

For businesses that are just beginning to explore hosted unified communications, VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling provides a great all-in-one solution. For organizations coming from existing Cisco unified communications environments or those that have existing legacy infrastructure they are looking to integrate, VoiceMaxx CE is the optimal solution to upgrade to the Cloud.   


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