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[WOM Summit Recap] Finding the Right Influencer

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 14:45
[WOM Summit Recap] Finding the Right Influencer

Just a few years ago, influencer marketing was still a new tactic. The “gold rush” was on—companies of all sizes were looking to drive results this way.

Fast forward a bit, and now it's safe to consider the gold rush on influencer marketing officially over.

This isn’t just a niche tactic anymore. This has now evolved into a more mature version of influencer marketing which emphasizes transparent, authentic amplification over the firehose approach we started with.

Now with this tactic becoming more commonplace, companies are starting to realize that not all influencers are created equal. It's not enough just to run an influencer campaign—you need the right influencer for your campaign to drive real results.

I had the pleasure of leading a session on this topic at the recent Word-of-Mouth Digital Summit. Here are some highlights from the discussion.

Building Trust Through Authenticity

No one likes ads. But people especially hate ads disguised as unsponsored content.

Not only have we entered an era of far greater transparency, with #sponsored or #ad tags becoming the new norm for influencer marketing campaigns, but companies are also starting to realize that the more closely related the influencer’s voice is to your brand, the better your results will be.

The influencer you choose already needs to be authentic. This is what made them influential in the first place.

But if you have them share posts full of stuff they wouldn't actually say? Your campaign will die on the vine.

Having an influencer deliver content for your campaign is a tactic, employee and brand ambassador all rolled into one—which makes choosing the right individual critical.

Some things to consider as you look for an authentic, influential voice for your next campaign:

  • Trust: Is the individual highly respected and trusted by the target audience?
  • Expertise: Are they known to have expertise and credibility on the given topic?
  • Impact: Do they have the power to drive others to action and help shape purchasing decisions?
  • Reach: Do they have a greater-than-average reach in a given market or on a given topic?

Right-Sizing Your Amplification

One of the key elements of finding that best-fit influencer is the understanding that not all amplification is created equal. And you don't necessarily need the widest reach possible to meet your goals.

Instead, you need the right size of reach for your specific campaign. And that calls for a realignment of how we think of influencers and the sizes of audiences they can tap into.


Finding the Right Influencer

If you're a massive B2C company, you're most likely to need a very wide audience and will most often be targeting mega or macro influencers, to tap into their extremely large reach.

On the flip side, for smaller organizations or specifically B2B marketers, the more niche followings of micro or nano influencers are going to be far more effective for your more targeted outreach.

Want to learn more about transforming your marketing strategy by leveraging the power of influencers? Check out our recent session at the Word-of-Mouth Digital Summit and learn more about our influencer marketing platform.


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