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[Webcast Recap] Why Webinars Are Essential for Every Marketer

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 15:00
Why Webinars Are Essential for Every Marketer

Last week, we partnered with the American Marketing Association and Red Hat for a live, 30-minute webcast on the topic of marketing webinars.

Hosted by Nikkole Couture, Vice President, Go To Market Strategy at West Digital Media Solutions, and featuring Emmett Helmes, Marketing Communications Specialist at Red Hat, the conversation focused on how webinars serve as a demand generation vehicle to fuel marketers’ sales pipelines.

Below, check out the top takeaways from the webcast and a short clip. 

  • Leverage Engaging Personalities at Your Company – No one wants to watch a boring presenter. When selecting a host or speakers, you should utilize the people in your organization who perform well on camera and have energy and passion that shines through.
  • Know Your Audience – There’s no sense in driving people to consume your content if you’re not putting it in front of the right audience! Use specific targeting and segmentation in your promo efforts to capture the viewers with whom your content will resonate most.
  • Measure and Monitor Success – Align your measurement strategy with the webinar goals you have at the outset. Capitalize on topics or tactics that are performing well and move on from the ones that aren’t.
  • Start From the End – This ties in with the point above. Think about what success will look like first, before beginning development of a webinar strategy. First, identify the inputs which are going to be your KPIs in the end e.g. if you want to obtain a certain percentage of senior job titles to register for your webinar, get participants to enter their title in the registration forms so you can accurately measure results.
  • Keep it Short and Actionable – It can be hard for an audience to pay attention for 30 minutes or more. Look to keep things concise and moving in your webinar, ensuring that you leave time for Q&A as well.
  • Quantity Isn’t Always Quality – What would you rather have: a small, highly engaged audience of 20 people or 200 people multitasking through your webinar and not paying attention?

You can watch the full version of the webcast on demand, across any device.

Please contact us at any time to learn more about our webinar solutions, powered by our West Studio technology.

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