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[Webcast Recap] Improve Employee Engagement with Broadcast Quality Streaming

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - 15:15
[Webcast Recap] Improve Employee Engagement with Broadcast Quality Streaming

We partnered with Streaming Media and Mozilla for an exclusive webinar discussing webcast quality of experience (QoE). Our conversation showcased how employee engagement and trust in leadership improves when QoE solutions are used.

Check out the top four takeaways from the webcast, along with a short clip.



1. No matter where your employees are located, streaming can bring your organization together. Streaming makes your organization feel smaller. Larger and dispersed organizations need the connection benefits streaming can give them. Also, working from home is a trend we continue to see more of, and streaming can help engage and align all employees under one consistent message.

2. Be proactive with your audience. QoE tools, like the ones built within Intrado Studio, can transform a faulty streaming experience into a seamless viewing event. Focusing on what’s occurring during a webcast and reaching out to viewers with proactive solutions can give insight on how to clean up the problem. The issues can be improved, and the streaming methods can be adapted to prevent similar things from occurring in the future.

3. QoE metrics tell the full story of your webcast to leadership. Proactively measuring QoE will lead to the collection of success metrics that leadership teams would be thrilled to see. Understanding QoE allows you to give more data to your stakeholders and make them aware that you’re being proactive with the problems at hand.

4. Success is about more than just viewership. Factors of broadcast success include the quality of the stream and the level of engagement. Understanding these will better prove the case on why your system works and help defend the program, if needed.

You can check out the full version of the webcast on demand, across any device.

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