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[Video] Meet Intrado Digital Media

Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 14:15
Meet Intrado Digital Media

This is big!

I’m very excited to introduce you to our new company name and brand: Intrado.  

This is a bold step forward for our company, and for our team members and customers around the world―our new brand reflects both the evolution of our business as well as our vision for the future.

Check out the video below and learn:

  • How our tagline, “Information to Insight”, reflects everything we do
  • How Intrado Digital Media combines many synergistic businesses acquisitions 
  • Why we have a dragonfly as part of our logo


Connecting people with each other and to the right information is mission critical. At Intrado Digital Media, we are proud to develop technology that makes it easier, more effective and more efficient to make the right connections.

You can connect with the right audiences, access the right information and gain the insights you need to make better decisions on the issues that impact your business every day.

I’m very excited to be taking this journey and for every opportunity that lies ahead for our customers.

Welcome to Intrado!

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