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The Value of Translations in PR Distribution

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - 05:15
The Value of Translations in PR Distribution

In today’s international business environment, it’s important to understand how translation plays a vital role in distributing news to global media.

At West Digital Media, we always recommend that clients include translations when distributing press releases to regions where English is not the local language.

In certain countries, English will not have the same level of acceptance and readership compared to news that’s distributed in a local language.

The Role of the Translator

Understanding the role of the translator and having realistic expectations at the onset can ensure everyone is happy with the translated document.

Translators work in their native languages, rendering the copy in the desired target languages and staying true to the original texts in meaning, style, tone and context.

It’s also important to understand what services translators DO NOT provide. Translators do not add style or editorial flare, “transcreate” documents or create branding images for the target audiences.

Our GlobeNewswire press release distribution team works with certified native and local-speaking translators who translate clients’ news into their desired target languages.

How Translation Works

With GlobeNewswire, clients can order translations when submitting their press release for distribution.

If the translation is included in the chosen distribution circuit(s), the client does not have to order or pay extra for translations – it’s automatically included with the distribution circuit(s).

When the editorial team receives the release, they will make arrangement with GlobeNewswire’s translation vendors. At a very affordable additional cost, the client can also request translation for additional languages as long as GlobeNewswire can support distribution in those languages.

How Can Clients Be a Part of Their Translation Projects?

Clients can provide a glossary of terms in the target languages and/or reference documents showing how they would like their terms translated.

The client may also request approval of completed translation prior to distribution and add flare and style to the final version before distribution.

Want to know more about translation? Contact us via email to learn about any of our press release distribution solutions.    

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