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Using Video in Press Releases: Best Practices

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 10:00
Using Video in Press Releases: Best Practices

The use of video in the communications world is increasing rapidly. Video quickly and effectively conveys a message—one that tends to stick with the viewer. Inside your organization, video can be used for training and collaboration. With customers, it can be useful for how-to tutorials, thought-leadership, and product demonstrations. For the media and investors, it can provide more transparency than text-based communication and enhance engagement.

As the use of video continues to grow, communicators continue to find new ways to leverage this powerful medium in their work. One way that’s picking up speed is to incorporate video into press releases. Let’s examine the best ways to integrate video in your future press releases.

Why Use Video in a Press Release?

The proof is in the data; data tells us that visual content wins the day, every day.

Furthermore, responsive design, and the multitude of digital devices available for use, make it easier than ever to incorporate video in campaigns. Not to mention, there are now so many simple video production applications available, free and paid, that producing a video isn’t as painstaking as it once was.

What Are the Best Ways To Use Video In a Press Release?

Now that you know why video is one of your most important assets when it comes to press releases, you need to know how best to leverage it.

Interviews: Including a brief interview with your CEO or another executive can be an effective way to make use of video. Executive quotes are notoriously dry and seldom used by journalists. However, a video of an executive is livelier, more forthright and much more engaging. Though reporters prefer doing their own interviews, a video embedded in a press release makes it easy for them to grab a quote for use. When you include a video file to embed with an article it increases the likelihood it’ll be used.

Instructional / How-To Videos: Showing a brief demo of a product or explaining how it’s used provides better insight, helping viewers to understand it better than text can. According to a report by HubSpot, after watching a video, some 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. 

Customer Testimonials: Organizations often use customer quotes in their press release distribution. However, including a customer testimonial via video can be even more powerful. Storytelling is a big part of marketing. When you give your clients the opportunity to share their story (and your business helped them to solve a problem) you’re providing tangible proof that your organization can get the job done. Allowing the customer to tell the story adds credibility that appeals to the media, investors and other customers.

Company Profile: A profile of your company can serve as a boilerplate might in a traditional press release, explaining what you do and how you do it better than anyone else. For example, Apple produced a company progress report on green technology that it shared with various audiences to support how this approach supports its values of innovation and style. But your company profile doesn’t need to be a recorded talking head, you can pull together a sizzle reel that shows your accomplishments over the past year, profiling your business, clients and employees.

A Video Clip Teasing a Live Event: Everyone loves a teaser. By including a brief clip that previews a live event taking place after the press release goes out you can build excitement. Offering a taste of what’s to come entices your target audience, and grabbing their interest is the first step in getting them to attend your event. An event preview is an effective way to draw more attendees.

Product Launch: Much like teasing a live event, a product launch video is a great way to reach a wide-audience, build hype and intrigue clients as well as potential prospects. Embedding a video in a press release launching a new product packs more punch than a text-only version.

Modernizing the Press Release

Press releases remain an effective way to reach target media. Adding video content modernizes and bolsters an already trustworthy method of communication. The use of video in online engagement continues to overtake text, as more and more people access it via a multitude of digital devices.