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The Power of the Podcast: 10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Create One

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - 15:15
The Power of the Podcast: 10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Create One

Podcasting has finally become a mainstream medium―after years of increasing listenership and downloads, a 2019 report shows that more than half of Americans listen to podcasts, with over one-third of the population listening to a podcast in the last month. That’s 90 million monthly listeners!

It’s time to stop ignoring the power of podcasting and take advantage of the incredible opportunity to reach and engage your audiences in a new, non-traditional way.

With more and more people choosing to listen to podcasts, this trend has evolved into something marketing and communication teams should consider. Podcasts aren’t just for publishers and media companies: they can function as a new channel in your content marketing strategy.

Here are the top-10 reasons why your company should create a podcast TODAY.

  1. It forces you to create content. Besides the obvious (creating original brand storytelling that engages audiences), producing an original podcast series is an exercise that will yield benefits across other channels. See my points below!
  2. People can listen to it anywhere. In the car, at the gym, on the subway, and at home, podcasts can be easily consumed in the flow of daily life.
  3. You can syndicate your podcast to a variety of places: your website, social media, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. Give your podcast the attention it deserves by placing it everywhere!
  4. You can include video. Record your podcast session and upload the video of it to YouTube, helping extend the reach of your content (as an example, this is done by a lot of comedians!).
  5. You can use our Ambassador referral marketing technology to help promote it. Your listeners and viewers can share the content and become micro-influencers, allowing you to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing.
  6. Guests can help promote your company. If you have a featured guest on your podcast who also happens to have a lot of social media followers, they can spread the word and extend message reach.
  7. Your company will become a thought leader. Having a point of view and regularly publishing content will create your own unique brand of thought leadership. Over time, this will become recognized by your industry and peers.
  8. Podcasts can also be turned into written content. Take an excerpt of the transcript and turn it into a blog post, helping drive traffic to the full podcast.
  9. Media Snippets can turn your podcast into interactive multimedia for press releases. Seamlessly embed this content into your press release for an immersive and information-rich experience.
  10. Your podcast can be turned into snackable pieces of content. As I mentioned above, you can cut up the podcast into more easily-consumed pieces of content—such as clips for social media, a blog post and more.

Let’s face it: podcasts are a great way to build your brand, grow your business, and promote your subject-matter expertise. If you’ve ever been curious about what a podcast could do for your content marketing strategy, my advice is to go for it!

If you’d like to hear more about the power of podcasting, please check out my short panel discussion from the 2019 Client Summit featuring Kris Stenkula, Product Evangelist at Intrado, and Deirdre Breakenridge, Chief Executive Officer of Pure Performance Communications.

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