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Optimization Tips for Your IR Website and Newsroom

Friday, February 22, 2019 - 10:30
Optimization Tips for Your IR Website and Newsroom

I know what you're thinking.

"Optimization? Like SEO? Isn't that marketing's problem?"

While we all prefer to leave the complex algorithms that drive website searches to the creative folks in marketing, if you work in investor relations or public relations, you still need to be aware of the huge lift that optimized, fresh content can add to your web presence.

Let's start by looking at your IR website.

There’s often the incorrect assumption that just because content on an IR website is regulated, it can't be optimized. But if you consider what the IR website really is—a collection of pages that are continually updated with fresh materials chock full of your company name and the services you provide—it's clear this section can drive a huge amount of SEO to your entire corporate website.

With this in mind, here are some helpful tips to help keep your IR website optimized.

Connect with PR

You need to ensure that every press release you publish is well-optimized by including your company name and the names of your products and services (where relevant). Connect with your PR team to ensure you're leveraging their well-honed, optimized templates and processes.

Don't Waste Any Chances

If you’re presenting at a conference, speaking at an event, or included on the agenda for your local IR awards, be sure to post this information on your homepage and make this content available on complementary pages.

Don't Skip the Transcription

A text version of your audio and video webcasts will not only make this content searchable and discoverable, it will add enormous lift to the optimization of your IR website section and the entire corporate website.

Tag Everything!

I know—it seems like a pain to have to designate a title tag and related meta tags for every image you put on your website. But this is a critical step in ensuring each page is optimized! Whenever you're updating your site, make sure you add these tags.

Over in the newsroom section, our friends in PR have things buttoned down from an optimization perspective, right? Well, to some extent, “yes.”

Like IR, the newsroom section benefits from frequent updates with relevant, brand-related content. PR professionals spend a great amount of time and effort ensuring each press release that’s published is highly optimized. But there is always more opportunity for optimization.

Align Your Tags

Be the boss of your tags—and not just within your press releases and the content flowing to your newsroom. By aligning with IR, marketing and any other content-producing groups within your organization, you can drive even greater optimization.

Include Mentions and Links  

While many companies already include the great things journalists are saying about them in a "media mentions" section, many fail to hyperlink out to the source. Including recent and relevant articles about your company on your newsroom is important—but if you want the full lift in optimization, be sure to connect the mentions on your site to the original source to get even more juice for your SEO.

Pull in Social Media

These days, most PR professionals spend a great amount of time managing and monitoring their company's social media presence—but a surprising number skip the step of pulling this highly curated, optimized content back in. Adding social media feeds to your newsroom not only helps to showcase your digital presence, it's also a great tactic to provide a boost from those well-optimized posts already on your website.

The Importance of New Content

The optimization of any webpage, section, or site really boils down to fresh, relevant content. And this rule applies no matter what job role you have or which website section you look after! Spending the critical time tagging, linking and increasing the social media content you pull into your site can have a huge, positive impact on its optimization—making your company easy to search for and even easier to find.