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New eCDN Partners Integrated Into West Studio

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 10:30
New eCDN Partners Integrated Into West Studio

We have exciting news to share!

To support our enterprise customers across the globe with high-quality video delivery, West Studio now integrates with industry leading eCDN partners Hive, Kollective and Ramp. Customers can now select from a range of content delivery network options for secure, reliable, high-quality streaming―along with Studio’s native Amplify eCDN offering.

Reaching a large, dispersed workforce with internal video communications is a top concern of many global organizations. It’s important that our technologies offer a strong network of partners to ensure that we can successfully scale video delivery for our global enterprise customers.

Now with our range of eCDN partners, our clients can drive engagement with their employees through content-rich video experiences.

Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (eCDNs) alleviate the stress on a company’s bandwidth by supporting the network within the firewall, while offering the same secure benefits paired with the best viewing experience. Think of eCDN as a highway to the video screens of all your employees, wherever they are located, securely behind your company’s firewall.

You can read the press release for more details.

I’m also excited to show you how we shared this announcement. I shared a live broadcast from the show floor at Enterprise Connect—North America’s leading event for enterprise communications and collaboration.  

This was streamed directly from the press release!

Our press release contained a Media Snippet―interactive multimedia that is seamlessly embedded into releases, even live-streamed video. Anyone who had the release open on their desktop, laptop or smartphone could watch my stream live inside the Media Snippet, without having to leave the release and visit another site.

An on-demand replay is now available within the Snippet. Check it out―click on the video below! 

Integrating multimedia, live video and press releases creates exciting opportunities for public relations and marketing professionals looking to reach bigger audiences with engaging, on-brand content. Product launches, keynote presentations, product demonstrations…there are so many possibilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about West Studio, Media Snippets and video marketing, just send us an email―we’d love to help!